Monday, September 27, 2010

Not Sookie... Or Lily. Damn.

Okay, false start. This mare is not a Sookie. Or a Lily. *bangs head repeatedly against wall*
Back to square one.


  1. I'm happy that you did not pick Sookie. While I love the show True Blood, I just didn't think your horse looked like a Sookie

  2. Gosh! I'm out of ideas too but her eyes seem to look straight through you, its as if she can see all the way to your soul! This is a great photo!

    Maybe some type of indian name would be appropriate, just a thought!

  3. Howdy, new here but I have a name idea.

    She makes me think of a medicine hat, which then makes me think of a Shaman.

  4. She's beautiful, whatever you decide to name her. What does her personality remind you of? I had a horse that was slow and easy going so I named him Gimli from lord of the rings...

  5. Oh, I HATE that! It's so hard to pick names! Which is why my new girl is still Buffy, the barn name she came with. Ugh.

    Ummm...Peggy Sue? No clue why that popped in my head, but she looks like a Peggy Sue to me, lol. Joy? Joie(French for joy). Serendipity (only appropriate).

    Good luck!

  6. What that Hat I think about the all the extravegant hats the ladies wear to the Kentucky Derby.. which brought to mind the drink Mint Julip...

    Then I look at your mares blue eyes and think Jewels... or Jules...


  7. Callie, Chloe, Emma, Effie....choosing the perfect name is always so difficult.

  8. It took my Fiona pony about 4 months to name herself. She came with the name Bonnie, but it just wasn't her. Finally after what seemed like forever Fiona popped into my mind and "fit".
    When I look at your horse I see wisdom and kindness... My first shot may be Bonnie, Fi's old name. Two of the nicest people I know are named Bonnie.
    Went to Google Translate and plugged in Wise...The French translation sounded the nicest... Sage...
    Good luck!! Can't wait to see what you come up with!! ( :