Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Malena and Show Tunes

Malena. (ma-lay-na)

I am sticking with it... if I dont, just shoot me. I am sorry I haven't finished the post I promised yesterday, I would lie and say that I've just been to busy but the truth is I discovered Glee.

I'm late to the party but this show is inexplicably addictive. I'll be back in a week or so... singing show tunes and wearing a cheerleaders uniform... or not... that would so not be pretty.
Oh crap!! (a few hours later) and I've already waffled... I'm thinking I LOVE Delilah! Hey there Delilah girl!


  1. I love Delilah as a name! Definitely think you should stick with that.

    Glee is an awesome show, I didn't think I would like it too much when I started watching it but it truly has something for everyone.

  2. I love glee! who knew a show about a high school music club could be so popular.
    Not sure I like either of those names, but Im sure you will eventually think of something that does fit...eventually

  3. You just now discovered Glee! Oh no! Now you'll have to go watch the first season (which was split in two)!

    Glee is awesome!

    I love Delilah. Stick with something or we'll all start calling her "Nameless the Wonder Horse".

    Love ya Chelsi!

  4. No! NO! No! You can't name her Delilah. Whenever I hear that name or that song now, I think of the horse that lost her hoof:




    word verif: mente

    Mente fresh!

    Mente sounds like a cool name?