Thursday, October 21, 2010

Owning Hay

(Prinsa redefining "white")

To continue on the same thread (another rather odd and personal omission) I thought I'd mention that I really enjoy owning hay. This may seem a little bizarre to both horsemen and non-horseman.... but run with me for a minute.

(She is starting to fill out the chinks some.)

What percentage of people in the world today own hay? People who can walk into a barn and point to a stack of bales and say, "I own that." There is something about owning hay that validates my deep seeded yearnings to be an honest-to-god country girl, no matter how lacking that might be in reason (dont burst my bubble please). There is something about looking at a nice stack and knowing that you'll be able to keep your horse warm and full for months to come that is just so.... so.... satisfying.

I also love owning hay because I love the idea that I can feed my horse as much of it as I want and whenever I want to boot! I used to board my horse (full care) and always detested having to constantly ask for my horse to get more hay (and never felt that they were getting as much as they needed), or not being able to just throw my horse a flake, just because. Even as a teen when I owned my own hay, I was constantly trying to make it stretch and could never just liberally toss out an extra flake here and there....I was always so worried about the expense and inconvenience of running out. As a result of all of that, and the simple fact that I get all warm and fuzzy watching my loved ones eat food that I've cooked or provided, most days when I go the barn I give my Prinsa a little hay or grain. The sound of a horse contently munching or manically hoovering in her case, can provide a small but profound sense of joy and contentment.

(my hay)

Right now I own a little stack of nice clean hay and have enough bales put up with Prinsa's name on it to last the rest of the winter. Like a squirrel who's packed away plenty enough nuts, I am satisfied.


  1. Oh I totally get ya on this!! Pie actually caught me taking pictures of my square and round bales in the hayshed the other day lol
    Not only is it MINE but its from my own hayfield... something I've always dreamed of.

  2. Wish we had enough land to grow our own, but no we have to buy.

    In past years we would get about 550 small bales and that would get us through the year (depending on weather conditions). They were great for us - easy to get into our barn - and now most of the growers in our area have gone to the big 1000lb bales. Pain in my arse they are, but when you have 16 of those big guys in your barn you really feel like the hay queen!

  3. I know that feeling well! Congrats on your hay!

  4. Totally agreed! We put up about 11 tons of hay in September to get us through the winter and hopefully spring and I was so happy and relaxed when we finally got that done! I hate walking into an empty hay room or having to run to the feed store every couple weeks for more (and pay their crazy prices!). It's so nice to have a big stack of it, ready to be fed whenever and know the horses are set for a while.

  5. I really love owning hay too and having my horses at home so I can regulate it, or not, as I choose.

    Oddly, down here in the South, they seem to feed mostly round bales. Now, I know what you're thinking! I thought (think) it still! Yuck! But, I make sure I'm buying a high quality, rain-free hay that stays that way. And because bermuda isn't very high in protein, the horses have 24 hour access to it.

    I'd rather feed squares, but the cost is pretty dear! $6+ a bale for 35 lbs bales! Yikes! I'm only able to find bermuda, bermuda/fescue mix. No orchard, no timothy, no rye and I don't know where to get alfalfa.

    So yes! Hay is something you should be proud of owning!

  6. You said it!! The main things I hated about boarding, HAY and SHAVINGS. That is what you pay for...if they can't spare it they need to charge more for board!! Yay! for owning hay :) Im sure prinsa is happy too.

  7. I feel ya sista! Owning hay is a joy fer sure. Also owning your own trailer and, strangly enough, a pair of sharp clippers!

  8. I hear ya - I used to love getting my hay when I had my horses at home as a kid. I was lucky though, I had a cousin and a neighbour that grew hay, so if I ever ran out, I could just call and have more delivered for cheap.

    Nowadays, I'm at the whim of the boarding stable. My current barn has nice small squares, but they are super stingy with it. I often sneak Rusty an extra flake if no one is around.

    Another HUGE pet peeve is that they store their round bales outside uncovered!!! What a waste! Why would you go to all the work to harvest and bale hay and then leave it out in the rain???? It drives me crazy. The barn owner then comments on the "lovely" hay that the horses get to eat. I think she has lost a few marbles along the way.

    She also has 6 round bales left and uses one per week in each of the 5 paddocks. I'm guessing that won't last through the winter like she was bragging about in June! lol (sorry for the rant - I just don't get it at all!!!!!!)

  9. I feel the same way about hay. It feels really good to see the bales stacked up and know that your horse is guaranteed to eat well all through the winter.