Saturday, October 30, 2010

Princess Wants to be Bay!

Princess actually managed to outdo herself this afternoon!

Hard to believe that she was white yesterday! Honest! Look, she had only gotten half the job down when I arrived....the right side was still clean...

I'm convinced that she knows I prefer bays and is trying to make amends.


  1. I just noticed how cute her ears are!! Who cares about clean, anyway?

  2. White horses were meant to be decorated, don't ya think?

  3. she looks like she's having lots of fun! How are things working out with her? Are you still totally in love? = )

  4. Well done! lol

    And she is a Medicine Hat?

  5. I think she just likes to be brushed (she's a princess, you know) and this is her way of asking! :)

  6. I just noticed her ears too. That's cool-one brown, one white.

    Her personality seems to come through more and more as you keep showing us pictures. I'd say, a very good buy.

  7. That's impressive. And she looks very proud of herself.

  8. It's her Halloween costume! She's trying a few on just like my Maddie did! I told ya that would happen! LOL!

  9. i feel your pain. i wake up to this every morning and spend an hour trying to get the mud off - lately i've just started spraying his legs with a hose so i can find his feet.

    and lately he's been finding sheep poop out there (it's everywhere, apparently all 280 sheep had digestive issues as they were here, there are no 'pellets' - just gooey piles) and lying in it so he has sticky dark green patches of poo stuck in the hair of his ears, face, tail, and neck. that just doesn't come out no matter what i try.

    he wears a blanket but somehow manages to get his belly muddy and parts that the blanket should cover. (now i'm thinking getting a too-big blanket might be a good thing!)

    when he swishes his tail and hits you with it, you get long mud stripes where he made contact.

    waiting for the ground to freeze solid,