Wednesday, October 6, 2010

OK... shoot me.

Last post I said Malena was her name and if I tried to change it you were welcome to "just shoot me". Well, bring out the guns because Malena didnt stick and this morning I changed it. I cant begin to say how NOT like me it is to take this long with a name... while getting the right name is important to me I usually get it within a day or two, max. But this mare has such a different look and such a unique feel that it seemed like nothing was going to fit. And when I thought I found something that did fit I'd either stumble over actually calling her that or I'd draw a blank altogether. Imagine the poor people I board off of! They gave up on me after the first week so as a running joke I've put this one the white board at the barn....

No, I'm not kidding. They had to call her something.

But finally I have a name.

It isnt as original or unique as I wanted. And while I like it I dont love it..... but it fits. When I say this name it just rolls of my tongue and as HS said, it feels like that has always been her name. It has been her name for a whole 7 hours now... which is, dare I say, a new record.

This is Luna.

(now, it seems to me that someone out there in bloggerland also has an horse or animal named Luna so I really hope that someone doesnt mind that I call her so...)


  1. HAHA! I read back through all the other names...and I really love Luna!
    What an adorable mare~Happy for you!

  2. I think Luna is a great name! She's gorgeous

  3. I like Luna a lot!

  4. I like! And if you change it again, who cares? It's your horse, and the right name is imperative. I didn't change my horse's name because I actually liked it and it just fits him! Congrats on your new baby BTW!

  5. I have a blue-eyed Luna (shetland sheepdog)!

    I didn't intend to name my dog that, but I was driving her home and looked at her in the rearview mirror and knew *absolutely* that her name was Luna!

  6. how cute, I knew and appy named Luna once and she was pretty special. I think its cute. Hopefully it sticks.

  7. Luna has a good ring to it. Simple without being boring. I like it!

  8. I had a Luna, a blue doberman pup. She has a great home now still back in Oregon with people who do agility.

    Luna is a beautiful name! But, I don't trust that you're going to keep it. Part of me wants to ask after looking at this last picture of her, if it isn't really Oona, like the fairy-girl from Legend. As in, you've been close with Pixie and Luna, but not quite there.

    Whatever you decide should be fine with anyone who reads your blog. And anyone who has an issue with you naming YOUR horse the same as their dog/cat/horse/bird/kid/whatever, needs to grow up.

    Let us know if Luna actually sticks!

  9. Echo or Bonnet.....but Luna is nice too. I know a Schnauzer named Luna...she is a naughty little dog:-).

  10. Luna is great! I understand completely, it took me 2 months to name my mare! And we just stuck with Lady, not because I liked it but because it's natural for me to call every mare "lady"... go figure.

  11. Love this name! My angora goat is named Luna. She's white and very pretty. I adore her. Luna seems to be a good name for your lovely girl!

    Congrats are in order, too! I'm so far behind over here.


  12. Then you can call her Luna-tic when she is a little naughty!

  13. I'm the world's worst for coming up with names. It takes me months sometimes before something sticks. If Luna sticks, that's cool. If you find it doesn't after a little while, that's cool too.

  14. I have a filly named Luna!! It's a great name. Her registered name is Final Moonshine Run. So Luna/Moonshine....anyway!! It's a great name. I had a medicine hat paint at school that I rode, her name was.....Z something. I don't remember. I'll remember later!