Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Barn Photos

One of the things I really like about being back "out and about" (a very Canadian expression) is finding new horses and old barns to take pictures of! The Christmas before last my Mother bought me a really cool Olympus e-510 Digital SLR camera that I am only just now beginning to figure out the simplest features of...

Here are a few of my beginner attempts at using some of the options besides "auto"...

This one I was able to take by manually adjusting for a slower shutter speed to capture this dark cow barn....
Here I played with the Aperture priority setting (this is a paint gelding named Shane)....

This one... well this one I dont have a freakin' clue what I was doing but I thought the photo was kinda funky and obscure... (Shane again).....

This was on the "macro" setting..... (Palomino mare named Sugar)....

And another of the dark barn....

Thank you all for your comments on yesterdays post re: my NOT buying AJ... I deserve a freakin' medal, people! Seriously, it is a sick addiction!

As for buying AJ the future, I'll never say never but I actually have some horse plans and goals that owning a horse like AJ would hamper (no matter how good he is).... I have been bantering some ideas about lately that that are just starting to take shape.... ideas that might set me on a track towards a future with many horses!!!

And if that is not another teaser "coming up next" expose, I dont know what is! Bwahahah!!


  1. Lady, step away from AJ, repeat, step away from AJ. You'll find another love before you know it.

  2. Sounds like you made a good decision on AJ - but it sure is tough, isn't it!! Either way, I'm happy to see you out around barns and horses more often!

    Nice pictures - I have access to 2 fancy digital SLRs at work - but just don't seem to have time to learn how to use them on anything but auto!!

  3. Sweet photog, lady! I wish I had the time/energy/know-how to take pics like that. I'm just too busy following my little bug around with a camera at all times, trying to capture that mug on film before she starts screaming or falls asleep!

    I took a photography class in college and absolutely loved it! But I already have too many hobbies...I'm gonna have to keep my amateur status for photography for now.

  4. Love the pics! And that shadowy one of Shane is really cool! Time for me to go steal my sisters camera again... too bad I picked the rainy ugly day to stay home form work.....

    ooooooh you tease again! Can't wait to tune in to your next post!

  5. Ah Chels you're too cruel... all these teasers!

    Nice photos, with these turning out so well just imagine what good photos you'll get when you REALLY get the hang of that camera! lol

  6. Photography is one of my passions as well, it seems to be a thing with horse people. I think its because we can't bear to lose any of our friends or places we love, so we need to make sure they are saved in some form.