Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chicken Pox Scar?

Poor Katie (Melanie's daughter) has chicken pox! I sure hope that she gets through it quickly! But it actually got me thinking about my chicken pox scars. I have on the back of my right hand and one on my left hip.

Do you have a chicken pox scar?

I guess "simple" is all a matter of perspective. The "simple" Math Weight Loss sounds simple to me because I've read about and tried so many complicated diets that were based on percentages or that required me to eat foods that were not a normal part of my regular diet that this seems so simple in comparison. Not to mention if you want to get really scientific and talk about raw foods, organics, trans fats, glycemic index's, etc...

Food Journals are the way to go because it keeps you accountable. It is far to easy to pick up an extra 500 calories a day just in little "stolen" drinks, snacks, and such that you forget you ate moments after having them.

A while back I wrote a post on the book "French Woman Don't Get Fat" and some of the thoughts that book suggested for a healthy lifestyle and long term outlook on food. It helped me understand why French woman are not fat! And made me better appreciate why we are! (as a society...not you personally!) I actually wonder why we are not fatter!! And I am not just talking about fast food, junk, and the "diet" industry (which actually makes us fatter), I am talking about our lifestyle, the role food plays in our life and how inactive we are as a whole.

The reason why I think this is simple is because it is basically only about eating healthy, eating small meals often, eating non-diet wholesome foods in small moderation's and keeping yourself accountable. I want to eat chocolate, every single day. It's true! If I don't get to eat chocolate on my last day on this planet I am going to pissed! lol So I account for 100 calories a day that goes towards chocolate. Its not a lot of chocolate, but its some and so I am happy. I also take one day a week that is a "free" day. The funny thing about a "free" day is that because your whole perspective on food, eating, and portions has been altered, what I now consider a "treat" and what I can put down in one meal is drastically different than what it was before.

Anyways, the "lifestyle" plan (of watching calories and your weight closely) is a little different from the "diet" portion (which I am currently on)....

Because some of us need to take a big chunk of weight off- NOW!!

Its all about the magic number 3,500.

That is how many calories in one pound. Sounds like a lot, doesnt it? I mean, that is over 6 Big Macs!!

Here is a another simple math equation that = weight loss. Lets say I weight 180 pounds.

180 x 15 (calories per day, per pound to maintain) = 2,700 calories (I need) per day to maintain my body weight

2,700 calories per day x 7 days (in a week) = 18,900 calories per week to maintain 180 pounds.

But lets say I want to loose 1 pound in a week. I need to take 3,500 calories out of my diet in a week....

18,900 - 3500 = 15,400 per week

15,400 / 7 (days in a week) = 2200 calories per day

Lets say I wanted to loose 2 pounds in a week (8 pounds a month)...

18,900 - 7000 = 11,900 / 7= 1700 calories per day

As you loose weight the calories per pound you need to maintain goes down, so you always need to recalculate if you want to loose a specific number.

And that is it. Sounds more complicated than it already is. Once you have your number worked out, the tough part comes in! Sticking with it!!

I lost over 20 pounds using this method last summer and felt great! I felt healthy! Which is the point behind making a lifestyle change! Eat healthy foods, in moderation, and watch your portions.... every. single. day, ..and eventually you will find a healthy weight!


  1. I have 2 chicken pox scars.
    One high on my forehead near the hair line and one on my left temple.

    I'm thinking about the diet plan. I know a man that took off 100 or so lbs with it and has kept it off now for over a year. So it does work.

  2. I have at least 2 scars. One on my forehead right where the Hindu ladies would put their red mark, and one down near my jaw. I'm pretty sure I have a couple others, but can't think of where right now. I have enough other scars from living life that maybe I don't worry about them any more.

  3. I have 1 chicken pox scar that I can remember. Right between my eyes, but have many other "life war wounds" in various other places.

    Thanks for the info on the diet plan. Sounds simple enough to me, and I'm not a math person. I've just been trying to watch what I eat and get a minimum of 30 minutes exercise every day...and it's not working. I need something more strategic, I guess. Is there a book on this specific method?? I would like to lose 55 pounds...sheesh that's a big number. Now I am depressed.

  4. I don't 'remember' if I have any chicken pox scares. I was too young when I had pox to even know it was a scar from that and my mom doesnt remember between the three of us kids.

    Oi! I never was good at math....

  5. Heeheehee...I have one in the same place as ORSunshine!! Right smack in the middle of my forehead. :)

    This diet plan is nice, and one that I have used before. Don't you just wish that we didn't have to do this though??? a perfect world.....

    Hey...what's up with those horses below??? Email me!!

  6. No chicken pox scars that i am aware of.

    Along with eating healthy I like to exercise. I LOVE to eat and not just any food I am kind of adventure eater, you see so stick to a certain plan just isn't practical for me. So I added exercise in years ago. What I learned was that it really helps me deal with stress and it helps me sleep better AND just feel better in general. I don't mean hours at the gym either - what a pain! I mean going home and taking the dog for a 30-40 min walk or run with me - then getting inside and doing a couple of sets of crunches on a fitness ball 4-5 times a week. Takes under an hour and when I can go outside I really enjoy the time that I spend there.

    Even when I had my horses at home with me I found time to do that work and go to school - granted I didn't have kids - but i found with my metabolism it is just the right amount for me.

    As a couple me and hubby eat pretty healthy - cook for ourselves - use low fat foods and Lots and Lots of fresh food. Our veggies and fruit and eggs and everything else is a fresh as possible.

    I find that with the two combined I can cut loose every once in a while and not worry about falling off the boat - I can eat exceedingly well at horse shows, when I travel for work and once a week or so for lunch at work. And still maintain my "healthy weight". I know its right for me because I don't have to "try" real hard for it. If I wanted to get like 5lbs under that it feels like I have to beat the crap out of myself to get it. Then when i do - the slightest break in routine will put it back on. So I stick that "Healthy Weight" for me.

    I know its not as easy for everyone but I really know what you mean by finding that "healthy weight for you".

  7. I also got the benefit of your suggestion and loosed my weight as well. Now no other treatment requires.

    Thanks !!!

  8. I was very lucky to not be left with chicken pox scars but i can only imagine the frustration for those that are.