Saturday, February 28, 2009

What a STUD!!!

I have some very exciting news!!

Abby has a new boyfriend!!!... and guess what, he is quite the STUD!!!

.... I am SUPER DUPER EXCITED.....THRILLED TO BITS..... TICKLED PINK.... (you get the point)... to tell you all that McBride's Quarter Horses (the wonderful people who have Abby on a breeding lease) just purchased a GORGEOUS new stallion that will be bred to Abby this Spring... which I feel will be an AMAZING cross!

And.... subsequently...

I now have a paid breeding to JUMPING JACK WHIZ a very fancy SON of the FIRST EVER (new 2/29/09) 6 MILLION NRHA SIRE, TOPSAIL WHIZ!!

I am simply IN LOVE with this stud.

He is EVERYTHING I look for in a reiner...he has just the right look, just the right conformation, a million dollar head set, the right kind of movement, the style.....he is powerful, athletic, pretty, talented... simply AWESOME!!!

In fact, I am SO excited about this stallion, that I am thinking I might just hang on to that breeding till next year and see what happens.... because I would LOVE to own one of his foals.

This, people, is what you want a reiner to look like...

Check out this video... Especially watch the run down at the very end...that, IMHO, is picture perfect!

What I really like about this stud is that he not only performed (NRHA $ earner of 55,000+) but he was still showing and still SOUND at age 15!!!

Now THAT says something!

I just cant wait to see what Abby and JJ will produce!


  1. I didn't know your mare was at McBrides! I live close to one of their other ranches, but I used to live 10 minutes away from the one in Medical Lake!

    Anywho...this is very exciting news. JJ is a good looking man! It's funny, though, how you talked yourself out of AJ because he's so green and you need a more experienced horse, and your next post is about wanting a horsecolt! Haha! But shoot - this isn't really an opportunity you can pass up, now is it?

  2. Something for you at Life on the Farm!

  3. How exciting! I guess your work with AJ will prepare you for whatever's coming next. I can't wait!

  4. Dont forget that if I bred Abby next year I'd be a full two years away from seeing a foal...and four + years away from starting it...

    So I have a while yet to worry about the particulars! lol

  5. Wow-he is gorgeous! Definitely the full package-beauty, brains and athletic too!

    I'm jealous! That is gonna be a pretty baby :)

  6. That boy can sit 'em down. Beautiful, athletic and responsive. And watching him move in his own paddock... awesome.


  7. What a beefy hunk a love!

    I can't wait to see what their union produces either! Awesome!

    ~Lisa wipe that drool off your chin!

  8. *whipping drool*, dang!! That is one nice mover!! I am in Looooovve!! That will be one super fine baby!! So cool!!!

  9. Wow!! Congrats! He truly is a fine and well accomplished stallion!

    ;) S

  10. Even little miss pleasure girl here has heard of that stud - very nice indeed....

    They made a wise purchase - and you'll get your money back in that breeding for sure.