Saturday, February 14, 2009


I am a hopeless romantic... utterly and entirely hopeless, gushy, pet-name-cooing, say-I-love-you-eighteen-times-a-day, snuggle puss... romantic. And I don't give a flying monkeys butt about Valentines Day! Weird huh?

Maybe I have a reason to not care about it!.... Hold on...its about to get all sickly sweet and ewey gooey.....

My DB and I celebrate Valentines Day, ever. Single. Day.... we love and cherish each other, bring home little tokens of affection, make heart shaped pancakes on any given Sunday and I bring him breakfast in bed just about every morning ...its enough to make some people sick! While all of those things are true, they are not why I dont care about Valentines.... because I ecstatically embrace any occasion that gives me an excuse to eat chocolate first thing in the morning! (which I did this morning... thank you very much!)

I guess this aversion to the holiday is a result of years of social imprinting and trauma inflicted by year after year of elementary school Valentine giving! I remember how we'd decorate the classroom with construction paper hearts and make little paper mache Valentine collection baskets to hang on our desk fronts.....which was all fun.... I was big on arts and crafts ...but then as the day would near I'd grow increasingly anxious....because back in the day (I'm aging myself, aren't I?) we didn't have any of this "every ones a winner" "you have to bring a Valentine for everyone in the class business"... in my day everyone would be watching to see how full your basket (the ultimate popularity contest) .....which is why I'd spend the week before the "big day" in dread of the moment where everyone in the class would see that I hadn't receive a single Valentine! Or that my little basket would hang pathetically... with only one or two little brightly colored cards from my fellow geeky classmates...while some other girl would have her basket filled to the brim and everyone would know that she was like totally popular!...

I might have.... just might have....been a wee bit insecure as a child...
But I am totally over that now!....
Because I was lucky enough to secure a 24/7... 365 day a year Valentine!

Oh who am I kidding....
I just cant seem to suppress that ingrained fear that on Valentines I will be deemed a geek.... a loser... a friendless wannabee....a lonely Valentine....


Okay... I maybe have been a little over dramatic! I could just say... HAPPY VALENTINES my good blogger friends!! And send out a special Valentines wish to anyone out there that feels that today is simply another Saturday.... hoping that this year blesses you with true love....

That is just what I shall do.....


PS... to my darling DB..... I love you. *smooooooooooch*


  1. Well that is about the sweetest valentine comment I have ever seen. I remember the 'valentine basket' ordeal; Yuck! I always gave valentines to the weird and smelly kids, just cuz I felt so sorry for them. And ya know what- they still remember my name to this day and call me friend (even though they are still weird and smelly(

  2. Awwww! Happy Valentine's Day to you, too, my dear romantic bloggy friend!

    Your experiences remind of just why I never press my kids to exchange valentine's anymore. As you might know, we are a homeschooling family. Many homeschool groups host Valentine Day parties with crafts, cupcakes, candy and card exchanges. They all insist on everyone bringing a card for each child. Sounds fair, right?

    Except one day, one of my twinling sons came to me and said he just did't feel comfie giving a card to someone he didn't even know...or like. He said, it made him ad even that person feel 'weird'...and it felt really fake.
    And if you know my sons, you'd know they are as real as they come.
    After thinking about it for a while, I agreed with them. Buying and giving cards en masse for bunches of kids you didn't even know or like took away the meaning behind the card and basically made the entire card giving meaningless and pointless.
    Jax said, "ya know, Mom, we are basically cutting down trees to create these cheapo, cheesy comment cards to toss into somebody's valentine box, and all they do with them anyway, is look at them, once or twice...and toss them in the trash."

    So, he decided that he'd rather just create a handmade valentine for someone special, instead of destroying, trees, and wasting everyone's time and money.

    He said "If it doesn't come from the heart, then what's the point?"

    I love the wisdom of children. They are often smarter than adults. :D

    Happy Love Day!

  3. Happy Valentine's to you too! Sounds like you and your DB are like Dear Husband and I ;) And folks scoff at True Love... boy they sure do not know what they are missing, do they?

  4. Happy Valentine's Day to you, have fun eating your chocolates.

  5. LOL!!! You always make me laugh! :)

    I always think that Valentines Day is overrated as well. I love my man everyday, right??

    PS-Step away from the chocolate!! LOL!!!

  6. Happy (belated) Valentines Day! Time to dig into the chocolate!