Thursday, February 19, 2009


So.... I went to see a gelding named AJ today!!!!

Hold on, there is more....

I was able to play with him on some ground issues and "connect" or "join-up" with him at liberty.
It was like totally cool, man!

Here is the thing.....

AJ is up for free lease....


I told the owners there is no way I could free lease him without having an option to buy....

So the deal is....

The owners are discussing it!

There are a thousand and one details to be considered but here is the thing... (how many times can I say that in one post?)

I like this horse.

He is sweet, very sensitive, and has a heck of a lot of try in him. He can turn himself inside out, float like an Arab and scoot his butt into the ground like any blue blooded reiner....

But here is the other thing... (apparently I can say that a few more times!)

He is that typical kind of backyard horse that had a few rides put on him by a "pro" and then the owners took over and took him trail riding. On his 3rd ride an adult intermediate trail rider took him out for a two hour ride in the bush and he was a gem.... his 5th ride he went a mile down a road by himself without any fuss. Trails, cars, creeks, birds, dogs, etc. didnt faze this guy...

But here is the thing....

He is not really "broke".

He is quiet, he accepts a rider, he doesn't wig out of things, he goes, stops, and turns but I dont know if anyone has ever really asked him to do anything....and I dont know what his response will be if they did because the horse I worked with in the arena (on the ground) has a heck of a lot of juice, athletic ability, and quick reflexes.... this is NOT a dead head kind of horse.

His owner (a man in his early 50s) got on him last weekend for the first time in 5 months and took him for a trail ride. He looked at a few things but went where he was told without a fuss.

But AJ also has the typical kind of holes that come from a horse that hasnt had any real time spent on him. He doesnt pick up his feet well, stand for the farrier or had a ride in the arena since his second ride under saddle.

He is a smaller horse (about 14.2) plain bay, big star, and big ol' hip on him. He's cute...not my "type" in a lot of ways but no bad either.

Here is the other thing....

I've knew this horse last summer as he was boarded at the same place as I kept Shaunti. I know his owners, was there when he came home from his third ride (up the mountain) and from his sole trip to the store (down the road). I know this horse, most of his history and the people connected to him. He also just happens to look a heck of a lot like my much so that when both his owner and I would go to catch our horses in the field, very often we'd walk out to the furthest section only to find that we'd picked the wrong horse. From a distance they were near impossible to distinguish because they both had the exact same white markings on their feet.

So... I will keep you posted on what I hear from the owners tomorrow.

No matter what happens, I am just happy right now because I was able to hang out at a barn, play with a horse, muck a stall and get some manure under my finger nails....

Life is good.


  1. Well good for you!! And keeping my fingers crossed things work out.

    You may have found yourself a little "diamond in the rough".

  2. My Pokey is 14.2 and broad as a barge, but he's comfy and the ground doesn't seem so far down. I understand your not wanting a horse with issues, but it sounds like this one's temperament is such that green broke isn't such a bad thing. If he was totally a pocket pony, you'd be bored. And here's the other thing (see, I can do it too), anything can go wrong at any time on any horse. No matter what you do, there's no guarantee for your safety. Trust your heart. You have a good one.

  3. Sounds like it might just be the right thing!

  4. i recently picked up what sound slike the same sort of horse. Broke undersaddle and then left alone with a trail here and there. great willing attitude and a ton of personality. certainly turned out to be more of a project than i origianlly intended- but i wouldnt trade him for the world! I say go for it if you can-

  5. OH he sounds like fun!! I have a four year old gelding that sounds like him. A sweet horse. I hope things work out!

  6. Some things are just meant to be.

  7. Hmmmm......

    I wish he were more broke for you. But it does sound like he is nice. If its a free lease and he does something crazy can you take him back?

    Would you?

  8. I'm so glad you were able to get back out in the barn again! And it sounds like AJ might be just the ticket to get you back in the saddle. I do wish he had a few more training miles on him though. He may be totally chill and relax BECAUSE he hasn't been asked to 'work' before. Just go have fun. I wouldn't want to see you get into something thats going to be too hot for you in the end.

    Keep us posted though ya never know he may be just the ticket! I bet ya missed the smell of horses the most didn't ya? It can't be replaced.

  9. Oh Chelsi! I hope everything works out perfect for you. He sounds like a horse with a big heart and a good head....all the rest can be worked out when those two things are there.
    Weird how he looks so much Shaunti. Hope that doesn't end up bringing up too many uncomfortable memories as you work with him.

    I'm glad you got to play in the barn and manure. hehe

    I look forward to reading an update on this horse soon. With pictures, please?


  10. Ew. I do not like manure under my fingernails. I wear gloves. Haha! Keep us posted--and where are the pics?

  11. Great to hear!! Yay!! =D Can't wait to see what develops!