Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Horse Crazy

(4 yr old, well broke blue roan mare, decent breeding, $6500)

This blog is suppose to be about the Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind, right? Horse Crazed? That sounds about right.... Adventures of... well that part is a little lacking at the moment because, in case anyone has failed to notice, there is a marked lack of horses in my life...which makes having adventures to share a trifle difficult....

You see...


Okay, so that is not entirely true. I own Abby but I wont have her under my care until the Fall of 2010, for goodness sakes that hardly counts! I am going freakin' mental! Horse crazed is suppose to mean that I am crazy about horses, not that horses are driving me crazy! 'Cause right now, horses (or the lack thereof) are driving me freakin' crazy, people!!

(8 yr old, red dun mare, very well broke, Lean With Me breeding, $3000)

You see, I managed to get through the winter without a horse and without riding. I was going through a very serious funk and was having a bit of a "quarter-life-crisis" (reassessing my life and making some BIG changes) and well, I just had such a miss mash of things going on in my brain that I didn't have any room left to feel the acute lack of horses in my life. That is not entirely true, I did feel it, but it just wasn't the most important part of my suddenly scary and a little overwhelming universe. But now things are looking up...I am "getting it together", I am starting to feel in control again and like the future is a nice bright and sunny place that I want to ride into........preferably on horseback, thanks.

(2yr old, green broke, Hollywood Dun It bred mare, $1300 OBO)

Then last week I was able to go for a ride. I knew I shouldn't go, because it was going to turn that itch (that up until then I had almost been able to ignore) into an all out crazed... fevered... just-stepped-on-an-ant-hill kinda frenzied itch to get riding again... but I went, and sure enough, as result, I have been completely and totally obsessed with getting a horse again, just about every hour since.

(8 yr old, finished cattle penning mare, red dun, $5500)

Now, there is a reason why I sent Abby on a free lease and why I decided that I DID NOT need to own a horse at this stage of my life. I told myself that I'd just have to make do with lessons and the occasional trail ride with a friend....I needed to focus on other things like writing and school... I'd tell myself "in life, you cant have everything you want all the time! Get over it!" But for the past week I've been obsessed with looking at horses online. Even writing this blog has stopped being a welcome distraction. I am cant stop lamenting over the concept of owning a horse again.

(3 yr old, broke gelding, my trainer has for sale, $5000 obo)

Now... some of you might suggest that I look at other options.... I could look at a short term free lease or take 2 lessons a week....but..... (I know this is going to sound horribly spoiled) it is just not the same thing as owning your own horse! Because spending time with him/her and enjoying that bond, connecting with their "spirit" and caring for them is just as important to me as riding.

(6 yr. old well broke, decently bred cow horse mare $3800)

So there is my rant for today. I know, for a fact, that buying a horse right now is not the best option for my future. I have to stay focused on what is important in the long term...

But I want a horse.

So bad it hurts.

C'est la vie!

(GORGEOUS!!! 2 yr old filly with 10 rides, by Chex Nu Jewel $5500 sold)


Btw, I am sorry I did not get back to the "Simple Math Weight Loss" post. I actually have it 90% written but have been lost in a book these past few days (that I am REALLY excited about sharing with you all) and just haven't gotten to it...and then was going to finish it this morning but needed to have my spoiled little temper tantrum instead. Tomorrow, my friends.


Now you'll have me going and I have to post more of my likes!!! Keeping in mind that... IF (And that is a HUGE "IF"!!) I get another horse, I really cant afford to spend much...and that is not even my definition of "much" (which previously my definition of cheap would be 6500+) ...I am talking $2500-3000!!! .... with that being said, I absolutely believe that you get what you pay for in a horse and that you have to sacrifice certain things (breeding, age, color, reg., and "pretty" (not correct, just the pretty factor) in order to get something broke for less money. In this economy, I think I can get something decent to trail ride on and fart around in the arena with for that kind of money but I just have to keep my "taste" locked up (padlocked, double key, and barb wire)....

AND...I REALLY want to take a horse on a 30 day trial. The last thing in the world I want is a horse with "issues". No "broken wing horses" need apply!! And I just dont see how I can "try" a horse for a hour and then buy them with any kind of faith that I am getting something good. Also, with the Canadian dollar, any US horse I look at I have to figure in about 35% extra money (20 for the exchange and 15 for taxes, plus the cross border issue makes a trial much more difficult. SO, I really need to look at horses in BC that are local, something that I have NEVER done because I hate the local gossip that comes with a local horse, and the selection sucks! All of this is on top of the BIG fat IF I even get another horse, or IF, on top of everything else I want to do (NEED to do!!) I can even afford that!

So... of the above horse, not one of them is local. Here are a few local horses that are nothing I'd usually look at but have none-the-less made their way into my favorite folder because they are local and I could take either of them on trail....

A big (16H) hairy broke 10 year old grulla gelding that looks nasty in these pics but I think might actually show some promise (behind bad camera angles and a lot of hair).

9 yr old dun mare, very well broke, Poco bred, $3500

This is a nice mare, a little green but very nicely mannered that a really nice lady I know owns. She is actually WP bred and a good option for me but I just cant work up the interest in her because she is not my "type"... (turn the volume off!!)


  1. Okay I like the

    1. (6 yr. old well broke, decently bred cow horse mare $3800)

    2. (4 yr old, well broke blue roan mare, decent breeding, $6500)

    3. (GORGEOUS!!! 2 yr old filly with 10 rides, by Chex Nu Jewel $5500 sold) - ask Mrs. Mom about this one's feet....

    I may like the Red Dunn if it lost 200 - lbs, its hard to tell with that much weight on it.

    Chelsi - I knew this was how you were going to end up feeling, I think you should get a horse, really. But you should get a nice broke one that is not crazy - and I am at a loss of telling you how to do that because people looking for exactly that get screwed all the time...

    I can keep an eye out for ya down here will ask around when I get back from Nashville (hoping you can wait that long?)?

  2. I must say I can sypathize wsith how you are feeling. Ever since I retired Sally in the fall I have been focusing on my moms horse, Peppy. And she always says he is mine now seeing as she can't give him the attention he deserves. But he is, and always will be, moms horse. Not mine. So it's just not the same! Mind you he and I are closer than she and him, and we have developed a certain respect for one another, but it's just not the same dang it! Drop me a line if ya wanna hit the trails one of these days. Sally can take a short trail ride and Peppy's turnin' into a little hot rod in his own right!

  3. Yes, horse crazed is not the same as horses making you crazy. lol I hope you decide you want another one :) You are right about riding someone else's horse not being the same as owning your own, just like renting or owning a house.

    Can you get one on a 30 or 60 day trial? That way you can see if it's a non-psycho dream horse?

  4. Too bad you don't live near me, I've got two boys who desperately need some wet saddle blankets and not enough daylight (or energy!) to get it done! And one of our boys is desperately wanting a connection with someone. It might almost be enough to hold you back from buying a horse right now! And I'm exactly the opposite, owning is so much responsibility and commitment, I would love to lease a horse with the option to buy. The only real benefit to owning a horse, for me, is you don't have someone else riding him and screwing him up. You do all the screwing up yourself!

    You sure have a good eye for pretty horses though! Of course, I like the gelding best. But I can tell you're the type of rider who can handle a mare. I AM NOT! :D

  5. I love the 6 year old bay mare. WAY cute. I like the first Blue Roan. I DON'T like the legs on the two year old palomino and if they have ten rides on her already(WTF)- she won't hold up at all!
    Take a breath girl! I have that horse buying gene too, I search ALL of the TIME! Luckily my pocket book is way smaller than my eyes!
    I understand the urge- I would be crazed without my babies!

  6. In today's economy you can get what you want. There is a sane horse out there in your price range, you just have to keep looking. I become horse buying crazed too when I lost my gelding and I found the perfect one and got him for 30% of his original asking price! The deals are out there - you just have to look! Hang in there!

  7. Well - the video quality is too low to tell much and they don't spend nearly the time on it loping as they need to show someone how it moves.

    When it is trotting - I can't be sure but it looks like something very funky with the way it is going with it's hocks (but like I said its hard to tell for sure) looks like she's leaving them way way out behind her, which would effect her ability to collect herself and future soundness, on the front end it looks like she's got alot of reach on her trot but it also seem like she's got alot of knee action in there too - this can be good for somethings, its bad in pleasure. But like you'd ever show in pleasure at speed - however I would expect her slow jog, to have alot of knee based on that video.

    Hard telling with the lope cause she didn't lope but for 4 seconds and they are way too far away.

    But the mare looks willing and cute and bright, good eye, cute face. Probably intelligent. Looks like she thought about spooking going out of the gate but decided there was nothing really that scary - so she thinks before spooking and that is good.

    Gosh I hope I am not being too harsh - this is just my "show person" opinion. She could make the world's best trail horse and friend I don't know that she wouldn't...

    Does that help? I don't feel like I did....sorry.

  8. That first horse, the 4y.o mare is certainly a looker! I definetly wouldn't be able to afford her.

    I agree with what you say, you do get what you pay for with horses...sometimes. In every case I know, including horses I've sold on it applies, but the breeder who I bought all my horses from over many years has a flat $1500 - $2500 rate for all her horses. I bought my gelding for $1500 and I couldn't have asked for a better horse. Soft, quiet and smart, and trailed him as long as I needed to. Ontop of that the offer is still there, 5 years later, if he doesn't work out give him back. But it all really depends on who you buy off. Ask around, the best bred and the prettiest horses aren't always the best. And again, if you are only trail riding, do you really need a registered horse? 2 of my 3 aren't registered, and they have bigger hearts than any registered horse I've ever come across.

    Sorry for the rant/lecture...it wasn't intended to turn out like that, but I've grown up with people telling me purebred, registered and showing horses are far superior to unregistered stockhorses, but I have found them to be very, very wrong.

  9. Ok here's my two bits worth, no pun intended. Chelsi is on a rant right now and rightfully so, but as much as I would love to see her have another horse to own, putting too much on the plate doesn't always equate to food. The future that she has been trying to plan becomes alot more complex with owning a horse as part of it.

    A freelease would be much more up her alley but even that will start to consume her and once she chooses her path and starts to embrace it I know she will immerse herself and something will have to give. Everything that Chelsi starts out to do she digs deep and tries to get everything that she can from it so honey, please give yourself some more breathing room to figure out the path that you want.

    With love always, MOM

  10. I really like the look of the mares you selected, but the grey gelding is my fav. Nicely put together and if he is in any way broke, he could be a great do-anything horse.

  11. That 8 yr old cattle penning mare has the prettiest face! Aww!

    I know how you feel, though. With me, I'm a little different. I've got the horse, but can't ride, which I think might be a worse situation.

    It's like having a huge dish of your favorite candy sitting in your living room......but you are not ever allowed to eat it.

    Yes, you can touch it, pick it up, play with it, but you cannot bring it to your lips and enjoy the wondrous joy of each delicious nibble.

    It's such a daily tease having your own horse, of which you are unable to ride. sigh.

    I sure hope you find the perfect horse for you, my friend :)


  12. Since I am having fun looking with you, I say go for the 6 yr. old well broke, decently bred cow horse mare for $3800."
    She's gorgeous and has a kind eye.

    I also like the 2yr old, green broke, "Hollywood Dun It" bred mare for $1300 OBO, but then you are not getting one with any experience. Of course if she is really calm and has a good mind, then it doesn't matter as much.

    I also like your mom's idea about a care lease with a possible option to buy. Right now, with the market being as it is, you do have the power to play around a bit. You never know what someone might be willing to negotiate. :0

  13. Okay, that 6 year old bay mare can come home with me!! DANG!! That is one nice mare. The price tag makes me wonder what the owner thinks is "well" broke?? She sure looks nice though!! I love her.

    And I am a sucker for blue roans. I owned one once and I love him and I regret selling him....sigh.....

    You can come and ride my horses. I have about 7 that need riden. And they are all safe, I promise!!! One is a 20 year old gelding my kids ride :)

    I get horse hungry too!! I am always shopping around. I have these dreams!!! Sigh.....

    It's so fun to look. We are having two foals in March and I can't wait!!!

  14. I laughed so hard while reading your rant - I totally sympathize. I have 3 - that's right 3 - horses and I have nothing I can ride. Starting to go a little stir crazy - and yes, with 3 horses I still have to prowl the online sites - I think I may have an addiction! Great site - just found it today.

  15. Just discovered your blog and working my way through the archives (because I'm a start-at-the-beggining kind of gal) and while I'm normally a bit of a lurker, I had to comment because this post really resonated with me. I'm going through the same thing in my life right now and it is so frustrating! I miss having horses, and while I've been fortunate enough to have several friends offer to let me ride their horses, I never take them up on it because it's just not the same as having my own horse that I'm bonded with. Without reading ahead, I'm going to guess that this state didn't last long for you, so hopefully this is just a layover for me too, and not the final destination. Also, I love your writing - it gives me inspiration to improve my own writing/blog!