Sunday, May 10, 2009

Can I Just Say...

That I love my Mom.

Do you know how when you were in elementary school, the class always did some kind of craft for Mothers Day? All the kids would go home with a little heart shaped-paper mache trinket on which was written something like, "You are the BEST MOM EVER!!!" Except for I've always been a horrible speller (give me a break, I was stuck in phonics hell) so mine would say something like, "Ue ar teh BEST MOM evvr".

I remember one time we were asked to write out all the things we love about our Mom on a big poster and the teacher had it laminated (which, btw, was SO cool!). I remember mine said something like, "I love that my Mom does my laundry." Seriously, I wrote that. I guess I just really appreciated my clean white shirt that day.

But my Mom doesn't do my laundry any more.... thats DB's job. (lol)

But I still love her anyways.

These day's I love my Mom because she....

is a Wonderful Friend

is Smart and Insightful

is Supportive and Loving

Alight with a Beauty and Compassion that Radiates from the Goodness of her Soul (seriously)

Talks To Strangers (and never told me not too) And that somehow she always ends up drawing out their life stories (and deepest, darkest secrets)

Taught Me How to Cook

and To Take Pride in Being a Woman

For Always Being There for Me

Never, EVER, Letting me Feel Alone in the World

Taught Me to Walk with My Shoulders Back and Chin Up

To Never Take the First Price You are Given- Always Barter

for Being a Great Shopping Partner

for Always Being Honest

For Never Ever Complaining no Matter How Arduous the Task (like raising me)

And most importantly....

Blessing Me with the Gift of Her Love


(Sorry this isnt laminated...but in my heart it is... :)


  1. Thank you VERY much Chelsi for the wonderful thoughts. I am truely blessed to have three wonderful kids. I cherish you all and each of you bring something so special to mt life. I wish there were special daughter days or son days. Perhaps I have to start one. Although everyday that is spent with each of you is special so maybe it's not necessary after all.

    I love you immensely and thank you again.....


  2. What a beautiful tribute to your mom.

    Thank you for sharing.


  3. You and your mom obviously have a very special relationship! ;)
    I wish my mom would have taught me to cook. She's a great cook...don't know what happened to me, LOL!

  4. Awwwwwww.....this made me sort of wistful for me...and happy for you.

    My own Mom died when I was only 8 yrs old. She didn't spend much time with me the last 5 yrs of my life due to her poor health. I was tossed around to different family members and strangers to care for me until a few later when my Dad remarried my evil stepmother.

    I don't have good childhood memories like you do. I mostly fended for myself.
    I envy you, Chelsi.

    You are truly blessed to have such a wonderful Mother in your love. I know I don't even need to say it, but don't ever take that for granted, my friend.