Sunday, May 31, 2009

Best Kiss! (and a few more squeals)

To continue with the squeal-fest of yesterday....

Did you know that the MTV Movie Awards has a "Best Kiss" category?

Can anyone guess which "couple" won it this year?


Kristin Stewart (Bella) and Robert Pattinson (Edward). They didn't mind hamming it up for the cameras a little for the acceptance speech either.... *plugging ears with my fingers at the mere memory of a few thousand teenage girls in the audience who lost their proverbial shit when this went down....*

(note: the video I first posted was taken down but I think this one is funny 'cause it is a home video of some girl watching and you can hear her little giggles and a few squeals too! Too cute!)

Which reminded me of another MTV "Best Kiss" acceptance that evoked a squeal or two from me! Dont you wish Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gossling would get back together and make every hopeless female-hopeless-romantics-dream-come-true/The Notebook-come-to-life all over again? Me too!

God I think I just might have squealed a few times again. I'm such a geek!

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