Friday, May 22, 2009

Switching Gears...

Have I mentioned lately just how lovely all my little critters are?

I haven't? I LOVE my babies!
Want to see what they've been up to?
Hakwydog has been taking his job as guard dog very seriously.

His favorite spot to watch the world go by is on the deck. This is him watching.... verrrry intently. Either that or he is having a little snooze in the sun.... one or the other.....
Two nights ago a sleuth slipped by the watchful gaze of our ever vigilant guard dog... And so, unfortunately, it was DB, not Hawk, who first noticed that there was something BIG rooting its way through our garbage!
The next day the sleuth came back and brought some little friends....
Whatever could it be? Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

THAT was a BIG bear!! And guess what? She was a Momma. This gal had her two cubs up the tree behind her. I was watching through the binoculars from my kitchen window (and it was from there that I took the above pic) as they shimmied down the tree trunk. Freakin' adorable is all I have to say...but also, really freakin' dangerous! A Momma bear is the last thing you want running around your back yard. Because of our proximity to the city I believe she was caught and relocated this afternoon. So, life around the house quickly went back to normal ....
Halle slept... because that's just what Halle does. (She was sleeping before I woke her up to take this picture)...
And LuLu caught up on her reading. (Dont tell her that the book is upside hurts her feelings)..... She is like totally in love with Edward!
When I told her that I was in Camp Jacob she looked up at me with an expression of....

Well... whatever that expression is....

Bitty, she's hanging around too.... looking fabulous as usual....

In this picture she is looking out the window at the bunch of flowers I had picked from the garden earlier in the day. I am pretty sure she was thinking, "My goodness! What in the hell was Mom thinking? That has got to be the ugliest bouquet I have ever my entire life! In any ones life... ever... the ugliest bouquet of ALL time... that is what that is!"

I'm afraid she may be right.

Did I mention that I just LOVE my animals? Beacause I do.


  1. WOW! That is a HUGE bear! I certainly wouldn't want to see that in my back yard! Kinda cool too though. :)

    Love Lulu reading! Very cute! I still haven't decided which "team" I am. I do know I'm a big fan of Jasper/Jackson! Mmm!

    Very cute babies!

  2. Holy Crap!

    That would startled the hell out of me! Hope she doesn't come back.

    But yes pretty anyways - healthy bear for this time of year.

  3. You know I let my subscription lapse so I need to head up to the store to pick up a copy.

    I answered some questions editor Debbie Moore asked me a few months back - ironically on what I liked about Quarter Horses - little ms "AQHA drives me nuts" JK ;) so I am guessing that what it is. But I haven't seen it yet so I don't know.

    My next goal - to get my picture in H&R! LOL!

  4. All your critters are adorable and your pictures & text portray their personalities well. Fascinating to see a bear and cubs so close. I hope they relocated the cubs with the momma.

  5. You animals are so adorable! I love, love, love Halle's eyes!
    And that bear was in your backyard? Holy cow! That is scary. That is a momma on a mission. Glad she is relocated!! Have a great weekend!

  6. Re my cat Lola - you are correct madam! :) She is a purebred Ragdoll.

    Hate to tell you but I agree with Lulu, Edward all the way!
    (I mean seriously, B & J were NOT meant to be together - he didn't imprint on her! :p )

    Love your critters.

  7. Lovin' all the critters!
    What a big bear! That is something I would not want to see in my backyard! Glad they were relocated! My dogs would have gone nuts if they saw that!

  8. Now that's scary!!

    Your Lulu looks like me Leeloo only with blue eyes. And Mike calls her Lulu.

  9. I love the paws photo, very iconic. One of the things I love about my barn is there are lots of little critters around, as well as lots of horses.

  10. Those are about the most adorable critters! Sure can see why you love them. Terrific photos of them!

    Now, that "thar" is one big bear!

  11. g-d's critters are awesome... i know ... i love my running companion, Manker... (aka the B&B dog) ... along with our herd of equines

    happy trails
    gp who had several bull sightings today .. tho no bears.!!

  12. Ummm....that bouquet is..uh..ummm...FESTIVE! Yes, that's the word.
    I'm picturing someone named Lola wearing them as a head dress. What fun!
    I like your colorful fun spirit, Chelsi.

    But that bear has got to go. Uh huh! Hasta la vista Orion! lol!

    What a good zoom you got there, girlfriend! A good thing, too. You wouldn't want to be crawling closer for the perfect shot. gah!

    All your kitties are so pretty!

    I love that you love to admit that you love your animals. I do.