Monday, May 4, 2009

Cry Baby

Yes, you guessed it! Johnny Depp. *sigh*

After the marathon yesterday we went to a hotel in the city to clean up and rest a bit before heading home and while sitting in the valet parking area out walked Johnny Depp and his gorgeous (skinny mini) wife. The hotel lobby was buzzing with whispered, "Thats Johnny Depp" as strangers passed on the word to one and other. I was outside waiting in the car to get to the front door and just killing time people watching when he came out. I didnt recognize him right off (as anything but a very good looking and chic couple) until DB came out to tell me. I just HAD to snap a picture, even though I felt guilty for doing it. Here it is... Oh! And by the way, he is not balding like it looks in this picture! Johnnys hair was died blond and the sun glinting off of it in the pictures made it look like a receding hair line.

I was trying to explain to DB that Johnny Depp has been a constant heart throb in my life since I was a little girl. I distinctly remember sitting in my Dad's living room watching 21 Jump Street with my sister as we mooned and drooled over "Tom Hanson" even though I couldnt have been more than 6 to 8 yrs old at the time. We watched Edward Sissorhands at least a dozen times (or more) because it was one of my sisters favorites. Some of his movies we had to wait to watch when we got older to appreciate... like Don Juan DeMarko, Donnie Brasco, and Chocolat...

But sadly enough it was Cry Baby that stole my heart. I was probably ten when we watched it for the first time and I remember wanting to be a "scrape"...but also feeling torn because I just loved the poodle skirts too. I loved when Cry Baby would say, "You got it Allison, you got it raw!" I just loved Cry Baby in that crazy, heat stick way only a prepubescent teen can....

Of course I appreciated his work as Captain Jack Sparrow, as a drug lord in Blow, and the crazy Raoul in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas but in my heart he will always be Cry Baby....

Wanna know something kinda funny?

DB has sat in the steam room (in the hotel spa) with Johnny Depp many times in the late 80s while he was filming 21 Jump Street in Vancouver and living at the same hotel we saw him at yesterday. It actually was through getting chummy with the director of 21 Jump Street that DB landed an extra job on McGyver (which just happened to be an episode with guest Cuba Gooding Jr.)

Deppobsessed and anonymous posted a few comments that J.D. is filming in Puerto Rico and so that could not have been him.... to which I would like to say... first... that if it was not him, DB and I were certainly not the only ones that were fooled in to thinking it was, a dozen people were standing around looking and buzzing about it. And second, rather than just say it was not him, I'd rather delude myself in to thinking that it is possible that he either A) dyed his hair in the past two weeks (very possible) or B) was wearing a wig or C) could have flow in from Puerto Rico for the weekend for fun or for work as he has filmed in Vancouver many times before...actually just recently... and could have up coming or follow up work here...

or I could just be wrong! Either way, in my dreams or in reality, I like to think it was him!


  1. What's Eating Gilbert Grape is my favourite movie of all time. And yes, I remember watching 21 Jump Street as a wee one too.

  2. I think I was a teen when 21 Jump Street was on...ahhhh memories. I planned on having his baby one day. I don't know what he is waiting for...tick tock goes my biological clock,Johnny!

  3. How lucky to get to see him and snap a picture!

    Maybe he is looking for property in the area - we actually have a fair number of celebrities living in our area - and by that I mean Norther Idaho. It's seems to be the thing the like to do - go buy a nice cabin on the lake/river/sound or in the woods.....

  4. Sorry.. it's not Johnny.. he's in Puerto Rico filming.

  5. Ewwww. He's icky with blonde hair.

    I can never get enough of Johnny Depp...ever!

    He was beautiful in Benny and Joon. And adorable and sexy in Pirates. Even if a movie isn't great, Depp makes it good. :)


  6. Lucky girl! He's a definate hunk of burning love!
    My fav- What's eating Gilbert Grape. and Chocolat.

  7. Johnny is filming in Puerto Rico at the moment.

  8. I think I already said that way back. It's not Johnny, his hair is not blonde..

    This is how he looked in Puerto Rico when I was there a couple of weeks ago..

  9. Geez, gotta love those spoil sports don't you! *bears teeth*

    If that's not Johnny then I'm not Gecko! Must agree the blonde is yukky, but cmon people, he's a rich celeb, travelling far and wide for a weekend and dying hair definetly isn't the rarest thing they've ever done!