Saturday, May 9, 2009

What my Sketch Book Says about Me....

I have a problem that has plagued me since I was a little girl....

(My old dog Dobi)

A problem that is glaringly obvious when you flip through my sketch book...

(a nameless lion)

I think that this problem.... or maybe I should call it characteristic (?) has kept me held me back in life....

(Besi, the kitty I lost last year)

I think I need some help in this area...

(Dobi and I)
Or maybe even medication....
(From a Tim Cox painting I love)
Can anyone guess what it is?


  1. You're just like me!!! You start things and don't FINISH them!?! Hehe... that is my guess :-) I am the same way, especially about art projects... *sigh*

  2. OH yes! Forgot to say you do LOVELY work! Finished or not... ;-)

  3. Your sketches are wonderful! Absolutely love the one of your kitty, Besi. I like it ... not completed. What talent you have!

  4. They are beautiful! Always wish I could draw.

  5. They are all head drawings?
    The only reason I say that is that my sister used to "hide" the feet,paws and hooves in grass or behind rocks. If that's not it then I give up. I think that they all look real good.

  6. As someone with a degree in fine arts, I would say what you are doing is developing something into your own style. Just keep going with it...they are wonderful!

  7. Wow! Amazing drawings! Love them! I have always wished I could draw, I sorta can but not like you!

  8. Fabulous artwork girl! Would you consider doing a pic of my horse from a picture? If so, here is my email address:
    if you could send me a listing of your pricing and sizing.
    :) Wish I could draw!

  9. I think there is something very interesting about your half finished sketches. You have captured something in each of them that relays the distinct personality of the subject and the rest just fades away and our mind is left to fill it in.

  10. They look fine to me - I hope you're not guilting yourself because they are not finished!

    It's a sketch book - it should be practice - you don't have to finish them, that the beauty of a sketch book! If anything they are too refined - to detailed. Give yourself permission to "not-finish them" to be sloppy - to be brief.

    Surely you've seen pages from Leonardo's sketch books...they are nice yes - but rushed, brief, for him - sloppy. They are ideas, thoughts, practice and leaps of imagination.

    Watch as it does amazing things to your creativity.....