Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Pregnancy Mask and Book Reviews

Whoa!! Wait a second! I am not pregnant!! No Sir-ee Bob! But I do have a pregnancy mask...or so my Mom tells me. About a month ago I started noticing some brownish freckle colored spots on my forehead. I didnt think much of it until one morning DB said, "You've got something smudged on your forehead..." And then my friend said, "What is that on your forehead?" And like the good motherly type she is, licked her thumb and moved in to rub it off. So when I went to pick my Mom up from her cruise I didn't waste much time asking her what she thought of it... I kind of freaked out a little when she blurted, "Oh! That's a pregnancy mask!" I think my heart skipped a few beats before I nearly shouted, "Nu-uh! Is not! No way!"

Check it out....

Any of you had experience with this?

Also, there are a few books I've been meaning to tell you all about.... so....

How about a few book reviews?

I recently read a really good book you probably have heard of- 'The Lovely Bones' by Alice Sebold. The first line of the novel was intriguing enough to catch me, it goes- "My name was Salmon, like the fish; first name Suzie. I was fourteen when I was murdered on December 6th 1973." Some might find this book bizarre, macabre, or unbelievable...as I did at times but overall I really enjoyed this book for being as unique as it was beautifully written.

Also, I just found out that it is being made in to a movie staring more than a few amazing actors- Mark Wahlberg, Rachel Weisz, Susan Sarandon, Stanley Tucci, and some lesser known actors that have also done great work, like Saoirse Ronan (Atonement). Oh and Peter Jackson directing! Release date is set for December 2009...which is right after the New Moon release so I guess I have a few things to look forward to this winter.

Another I also really enjoyed was 'The Book of Negros' (title in Canada) or 'Someone Knows My Name' (US and UK) by Canadian writer Lawrence Hill. This story follows the life of Aminata, a girl who at 11 year old was stolen from her home and family in West Africa and sold in to slavery. This is a very moving, well researched and powerfully written book accounting the lives of slaves during the end of the 17th century and their quest and fight for freedom. It is not an easy read but I found it worth while.

Now a book I wouldn't recommend is 'Girls in Trucks' by Katie Crouch. I can see how some might have loved this book but personally it did very little for me. The title is what first caught my eye and the jacket description sounded promising but I found this book depressing and the main character unlikeable. I would even have trouble describing it... a girl turned woman who struggles to find a hold in life and so fills her holes with sex and men, and more men, and more sex. I guess you could call it a human nature study- her friends, family and relationships are deep, thought provoking and complex- something that I usually apprecaite but still, I didn't like it... lol Oh but it does have a beautiful cover!

'The Glass Castle' by Jeannette Walls is a truly unbelievable book! A shocking biography about the authors childhood as she was raised by two lunatic parents in extreme poverty and neglect...or you could say, raised by a two free thinking radical parents keen on teaching their kids self sufficiency, survival and the power of positive thinking... but I'm going with the first description. This is a very odd book that is, IMHO, a worth while and easy read.

And finally, in other news. I have a Pop Tart problem. I simply CAN NOT have them in my house or else I WILL eat them. All of them. And leave none for DB. It is a sick addiction. DB bought two boxes on Saturday. I wont tell you how many are left. Because that would be embarrassing.


  1. A pregnancy mask? Seriously? I've never heard of it...and my family has some unusual terminology for several things. I have something similar, but not exactly, on the sides of my cheekbones. I've been told they are caused by the sun, others have said hormone changes. I have no idea.
    Loved the book reviews, and got a good laugh from the pop tart addiction. I can relate - totally. I love the brown sugar ones, and the strawberry ones...come to think of it, the chocolate ones aren't half-bad either. I cannot have chocolate covered nuts in the house. Ever. I will eat all of them. Tis very sad.

  2. Oh Honey, me too!

    I thought I was freak - I will eat them for breakfast lunch or dinner - or a snack at anytime, hot or cold, although I prefer them hot. I do draw the line at some of the new flavors though which I think are revolting - especially the ones that are supposed to taste like Oreos - yuck! No sir. I like strawberry, cherry, blueberry, and brown sugar and cinnamon.

    Sometime I burn the skin right off the roof of my mouth because I can't wait the 30 seconds it takes for them to cool off!

    If I have them in the house I will find myself thinking of when I can have another one....sigh...

    Well at least I am in good company.

    PS - I loved the Lovely Bones too, but I thought it seemed like towards the end of the book the author got tired of writing so she wrapped it up real quick. The end parts of the book were lacking to me...

  3. C-ing.. My Mom had this when she was pregnant but she actually googled it and found that it is common and can be hormonal...which would make sense considering my moons lately:) Poor DB! I've never seen the brown sugar flavor here!

    Stephanie- You said it!! I think about that box hiding away in the cupboard and even after eating a package I am already thinking of when I can have more. I really do like them but their addictive qualitiy makes me wonder about what is in them?!?!

    I also totally agree about The Lovely Bones, the end seemed like it was written by a totally different author! I liked the idea of the book, heaven and what ghosts are... it made me think...which I always like

  4. I have heard of pregnancy masks. I was wondering, do you wear make-up, or sun block, and apply all over your face? Or do you wear a hat sometimes and neglect to apply sunblock to your forehead? Weird but true I had a very similar blotchy freckly thing above my lip one year, I thought it looked like I was growing a mustache. Anyhow, it turned out I was outside all of the time, with sunblock, but I would sweat a lot and use my hand to rub it off my nose and under my nose. I would reapply, but was not doing an ample job above my lip. Anyway, it turned out to be a TAN but only over my lip! Now you can bet I am very aware where I wear my sunblock!

    Also, if you are on or off a new "pill" it can cause discoloration...I had it happen on my stomach. It did go away, eventually.

  5. Jen- That upper lip thing my sister and I both have... her doctor said it was from the pill. I have it year round and it gets darker or lighter depending on my *ehem* cycle. (we are all women here right?) I figured this was the same thing until my Mom used the big "P" word. The lip things if funny, my sister and I both get people saying, "your lip liner is showing" lol ... I dont wear sunblock nearly enough but am now since this has come out.

  6. I kinda have the same thing on my cheeks. They look scarred, but I have never had bad acne, so I figure it is from all the years in the sun. Thankfully, it covers easily with a little foundation. Too bad my face is oily and foundation never stays on long.:(

    I also noticed my upper lip getting VERY dark when I lived in AZ. It looked like my upper lip was dirty all the time. I found it rather embarrassing. One of the girls at work told me it is common in olive/dark complected women as they get older. She said it was a combination of the sun and hormones. I started wearing sunblock, but it didn't help. Strangely enough, it has disappeared now that I am back home. I guess you can go to a dermatologist and they can prescribe something that helps it.

  7. It's hormonal. If you are on any type of chemical birth control, whether it's pills, patch, shots, etc., look to that. Perhaps your OB/GYN can prescribe a different cocktail. I had it (back in prehistoric times) and I've seen it in several young women at work.

  8. Sorry no help with the mask.

    The Lovely Bones! I read that when it first came out and it would be on my favourites list but I have to agree with Steph. It seemed like the end just got wrapped up so the author could finish the book, almost like she was bored with writing it.

    The Book of Negroes I've picked up but haven't yet read. The Twilight series threw me back on a 'supernatural' type kick.
    (mmm.... Supernatural as in the tv show. Dean is sooo yummy. okay get back on track! lol)
    Right now I'm reading another series, kinda like Twilight in that it seems to be targeted more toward teens/young adults. The first book was City of Bones. Started of kinda blah but picked up and the characters were engaging.

  9. Well, I didn't like Lovely Bones- to me it seemed like a YA novel that didn't have enough in it to make the grade. I did like Glass Castles. I met the Author while she was here promoting the book and she is amazing. The book is well worth the read in my opinion and all true.

  10. Chelsi -

    Sorry I am sneaking this comment in hear cause I was hoping you'd find it useful (I learned if from some of my city dwelling cowgirl friends).

    Try paintball guns on the Coyotes - get the "compressed air" ones, not the pump ones - try craigslist (used ones cheap).

    Crank the PSI setting on the gun up as far as you can - you'll have a surprisingly nice long range. Next - keep the paint balls in your FREEZER, when the coyotes come out to say "hi" load up the frozen paint balls and pelt them with those - it's completely legal.

    And it will hurt like a SOB if you hit one of them. I would even guess that well placed hits could do more damage...