Thursday, September 17, 2009

Are you a TwiHard?

Urban dictionary defines a "Twihard" as:

An serious/obsessive reader of the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer, one leap above Twilighters.

(I think it is safe to say that this person is a TwiHard)

(While this person is clearly NOT a TwiHard .... sorry)


(I pared down my favorites from a list of 41. Click here for complete list)

1 You dream of going to Forks, or living in Forks.
2 It's sick, but you wish Vampires totally existed so you can marry one.
3 When you grow up, one of your kids is going to be named Edward.
4 Your expectations on boys has suddenly shot through the roof.
5 You dream of driving a red 1953 Chevy Pickup
6 You hate how Edward has a fattish, hairy chest while Jacob has a six pack.
7 If you could have one wish, it would be that you were Bella. .
8 You have considered sprinkling glitter on your future/husband so you can pretend your with Edward.
9 You have seen a silver Volvo parked outside a store, and have either taken a picture with it and/or gone inside the store and look for Edward.
10 At Italian restaurants, you have ordered mushroom ravioli and a coke.
11 You are willing to read Wuthering Heights, since both Edward and Bella have read it.
12 You've tacked Cullen on to the end of your first name... just to see how it sounded.
13 You've Photoshopped yourself & made yourself really pale, given yourself golden eyes, and bruises underneath your eyes.
14 You enjoy criticizing every aspect of the Twilight movie, since you know they are only taking out your favorite quote/scene just to annoy you.
15 You felt betrayed when you found out Edward would drive a hatchback instead of the s60 r.

Which # are you guilty of ???

(or you can answer #16- I hate Twilight)

I am guilty of #12! ...ok... maybe a few more too *hangs head in shame* Come on! I fessed up!


  1. And just when I *thought* I was a TwiHard!! That chick had to go and get tatted up and out-do me! Hmm...I'm probably guilty of a couple of these things, but #15 really hits home for me. I was NOT diggin' the hatchback. The description of the car in the book seemed so much more "Edward". P.S. Confession: just the other night I made my hubby pick me up piggy back and said, OK, now run as fast as you if I don't weigh anything! Yeah, well...he didn't get too far. Mortals.

  2. Hahahaha, I am so out of touch!!

    The only thing that I can lay claim to is that I have read Wuthering Heights...back when I was in high school(A couple of decades before Twilight). Actually really liked the book and have a copy in my collection.

    I've read the first book, but not the other two. There is 3 right?

  3. I love Twilight but have to say I am not a serious "Twihard". I don't go to the extremes of putting stickers on my car or anything!
    I am reading Eclipse right now. I am having a hard time putting it down, of course! I catch myself every now and than making vampire comments, I just did today to my OH. I think he is a little confused on why I speak about vampire's. He doesn't read books, only the sports page, and doesn't get it.
    I am guilty of #1. Here is a secret about myself. I lived in Forks when I was 3 yrs old. NO JOKE! I even remember the house, the town, etc. And no, I am not a vampire!

  4. Wow - a Twihard? Yikes. I'm nowhere near that... I've read the books and seen the movie, but that is about it.

    I like my vampires a little more hard-core. TrueBlood is more my speed! Give me Eric the vampire over Edward any day! :-P

    Kudos to Stephanie Meyer for creating this sensation. It must be sorta cool to have millions upon millions of fans creating new vocabulary based on your books/movies...

  5. I guess I'm not a TwiHard, though I did stand in line at Walmart for the midnight release of the DVD, does that count? :)

  6. I read all the books, but I like mine with more adult content.

  7. Ya know, I'm with Neil Gaiman (author of Stardust and Coraline) in this. He said not too long ago that the vampire fad is a bit over-done and it's time to move on.

    Yes, the vampire thing has been played out and now it's being drug on and on. I can hardly find a book in the sci-fi fantasy section of Borders that doesn't deal with vampires or that I haven't already read. And let's not get started on the explosion of vampire romance novels!

    Enough is enough I say. Can we please move forward to another "new", sensational story line?

    No criticism intended towards all you Twihards. Just at the numerous authors riding on Stephenie Meyer's coat-tails.

    -Oregon Sunshine (blogger does not like my open id today!)

    wv: ensubtl- a reminder to be more subtle and not so blunt.

  8. Hmmmm....

    Just not into it - in all fairness I haven't even read one of the books, it may be fantastic, I just have so many others to read...and I have had like zero reading time lately. Same with movie watching. Saw Star Trek this spring, and Wolverine and that was about it. We even have netflix and don't hardly watch any movies in the summer.

    What makes me laugh is how picked on and made fun of Trekies are - and yet people obsess about (and use it to avoid dealing with reality) the whole Twilight thing just as much and it's totally acceptable, dang near main stream.

  9. Hello, my name is Patches and I'm a TwiHard. More recently I've been seduced to the TwiTarded realm. Seriously, have you read those chicks? They are effing hilarious!

    Anyways, I have to admit I'm right there on #15. I've had similar "issues" to some of the others, but not those exactly.

    I used to agree with Laura on the True Blood vamp (yum!) but after some marathon Twitarded reading and all the RPattz hair porn and GQ mag cover posts (*drools*) I think I've been converted to a solid Robward fan. I don't feel quite as cougar-y with the True Blood vamp though. ;)

    I responded to your comment on my blog with some book recommendations. They are pretty much all brain porn, hope you weren't looking for anything deep and meaningful. I just don't *do* deep and meaningful. lol

  10. Sorry- but as a Young Adult writer I am a 16. That book needed an editor in the worst way!How many times can someone really use the word 'dazzle'?
    For a really edgy read- try Identical or Tricks by Ellen Hopkins! Now there is a good writer!

  11. LOL.... I admit I'm a Twi-diot

    As a Twidiot I have NOT read Twilight, I was unaware vampires were sexy or that they sparkled or dazzled.

    I know nothing about pickups or volvos and that vampires were attracted to them. I thought garlic was bad for vamps and the irony of them eating ravioli in a italian restaurant is amusing. Forks is a nice town, I didnt know it was associated with vamps.... so there you go I'm a bonafide Twidiot.

    I'm quite satisfied with my status, I doubt I'll ever change my feeling about the name Edward.

  12. Back in August, a friend I hadn't seen since 1981 came to Texas. Wouldn't you know she was staying at the same hotel where TwiCon was being held? I have never seen so many pubescent girls, acne, body glitter, nor smelled so much vanilla musk in my entire life. I was praying no one would think that's why I was at this hotel. It was surreal, to say the least.

  13. Okay, JRosey and Paint Girl's comments had me snorting tuna fish out of my nose! (I'm eating tuna on crackers...)
    I'm not sure I'd qualify for Twihard membership, but I am trying to decide if I am embarrassed to admit my Twilight obsession. But in my defense, I have always been a vampire fan, since "The Lost Boy's" back in the days of Corey Haim. I'm not sure what it says about our society and I'm sure there are people out there that love to analyze it, but who cares. I'm not ruining relationships because of it or drinking blood or anything.
    Actually C, as you know, wanting to be an author, these books and characters have only helped to inspire me to write again. It makes me upset that people say "enough already" in regard to the genre, as with anything that takes off (think Harry Potter) there is always an onslaught of wannabes or copycats. Some of these might even be better than Twilight from a literary perspective, but will never have the hype. The movie really gave it the added hype. Or Rob P, I should say! ;) Heck, I met a screenwriter who makes a fortune off of reinventing stories such as Romeo and Juliet into modern-day teenie bop movie scripts. Don't tell me anything is overdone. Everything cycles through!! Vampires will fade away, but they'll be back. They are just too fascinating.
    I am reading a great young adult novel right now- The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins. Survivor-meets-1984-meets Lord of the Flies. Very freaky.
    p.s. I am still laughing at JRosey trying to make her husband run fast with her on her back!

  14. well twilight is the best set of books n movies since harry potter!! im 22 nd have a child and im still a total twihard and dont care if people think im sad and need to get a life because i love it whats wrong with enjoying fantcices?? nothing it just makes day to day life more exciting!!!!!