Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Was' up?

I am sorry I've not been posting much know when your brain feels like sludge? Everything is out of focus and gray around the edges.... Where just writing a simple sentence feels like doing a complicated math problem? Well, thats me this week. I have at least a half dozen "draft" posts tucked away here but have been unable to apply myself to finishing any of them. Some are on my obsession with horses for sale on the Internet...a habit that is growing worse by the day...while some are on my family, dog and home.... I should finish one... no doubt it'd be better than this dribble...

But instead I'll simply write this...

How are you?

LOL... I'm not being facetious. For most people this week is significant as we all make the transition between summer to fall, vacation to work, holidays to school, etc. It can be hectic, crazy, consuming, or for some of us (like me) just a week like any other...

Are you excited about the coming season? Or dreading it? Do you wish we could turn the clock back to June or are you ready for some change?

Me, I'm at a very odd place in my life where I really don't know in the heck to do with myself. I should write (which I haven't in months), do some portraits, research schools and programs, pick a career, move, start an exercise program... etc. etc. etc. But instead, I want to go take a hot bath and snuggle up with a good book and just tune the world out. *sigh*

So, what's up 'wich you?


  1. I totally know what you mean! I am so tired of job searching and that isn't working out well, so I am trying to just enjoy what is left of summer. I would really like to move that clock back to June! I love summer, and am dreading the cold and rain that is coming. It rains here all winter long, and that means no time outside. I will freeze to death!
    On another note, there are some good things coming up for me, and I can't wait. You will hear about them soon!

  2. I'm ready for some cooler temps and some rain. Fall is my favorite time anyway, and I do love riding on a crisp day.

    I've been suffering from a work-related depression. I'm not sleeping well and I dread having to go there every day. The fact that I am pretty much stuck there seals the deal.

  3. I have been super busy - which is weird for me because I'm not one of those people who say they are always busy...

    September is crazy for us - lots of birthdays, anniversaries and we are planning a big trip at the end of the month (yeah!). Not to mention that the hubby and I have to get health cards and drivers licences renewed this month. Ugh.

    I love fall - I hate to say it, but I can't wait for a couple of good hard frosts to kill all of the freakin' bugs at the barn!

    Thanks for checking in! Enjoy your time to relax and snuggle up with tea, etc...

  4. ahhh what a great post. I feel like you do. Kinda blahh. I am at a point in my life that I don't like, I am so busy with my kids that my horses are not getting rode and I have been thinking of selling my good mare and my Welsh pony. I don't like it but they are both so good and I don't like to see them just stand there, I can't ride, I am going to have to have back surgery and it just stinks. =( I am ready for fall, it means Friday Night Lights!

  5. After our last few hard winters, I'm not looking forward to winter, but I love fall. The yellowjackets will die! The flies that are irritating my horses' eyes will die! The kids are in school so I can screw around quite a bit, playing with horses or just keeping my sick sister company. In terms of life happenings, this is probably the worst time in my life so far. But I have my horses and my family to help me get through it, and there is hope!

  6. Agh! I am soooo dreading the upcoming winter. As I have made it clear on my blog, I hate the winters up here. If it weren't for my hubby i would so get the heck out of here and move to Arizona.

    I've done alot of soul searching this summer and thinking about what I want to do with my life too. So many things have changed, what I thought was important, is not so much anymore. So for now I am still writing, picking up odd jobs to help pay the bills and putting hubby through school.

  7. SOOO there with you! Definately know what you mean with the sludgey brain and feeling blah. Ugh. I'm already going into hibernation mode. My lessons are about the only thing that's been getting me away from my blanket, couch and books lately.

    I swear the summer disappeared. Wasn't it JUST May?!? I usually like fall just because the weather is still decent and it's not as crazy busy as summer, but so far it hasn't calmed down. About the only thing Labor day wknd changed was that summer is "officially" over and that is kind of depressing because I have NO CLUE where it went. I certainly did not get to enjoy it much at all!

  8. Usually the middle of August and the first part of September is a very "blah" time for me. I'm usually worn out from the horse shows and rodeos all summer. It's hot and everything is dry and burnt out looking.

    Once the weather changes and the air gets that lovely crisp fall feeling to it...I get a second wind and really enjoy my outdoor/horse time again.

    I'm still waiting has been unseasonably warm around here the last couple of weeks.

    But it's really going to be fun to get that second wind this fall though. Pretty much everything in SD winds down by the end of Sept. Here in CO, there is an extra couple of months of things going on. And it all kicks right back off in March again. So rather than 8 months of down time...I only have 3. Yayyy!!

  9. Paint Girl- It must be tough to be searching for a job in this I cant imagine it is fun to have a farm to run in the wet, wet NW winter!

    Leah Fry- I am sorry to hear you are unhappy with your job. I hope that things look up or that when the economy turns around you are able to move to something else:)

    Laura- I too love the fall. I'm not a heat person and love the cool temps and lack of bugs. Sounds like you have a crazy busy September. I had to renew my drivers license in July and my picture sucks! lol...the new rule about no smiling makes people look like zombies!

    TXNASCARCWGRL- I am sorry to hear that you might have to have back surgery...and I know what you mean about leaving horses to sit unused, it is tough both on our practical common sense but also on the pocketbook.

    Andrea- I am so sorry that your sister is sick. I hope that things turn around for her with all the love and support of your family. I too love the fall. I hope that you too get to find some peace in the beauty of the season.

    Stephanie- I feel for you...I know how much you hate that winter. I think it is great of you to support your husband as you are...not a lot of women would. I really admire your strength to make tough choices and hope that things turn around for you both soon.

    Patches- lol...I know what you mean about summers slipping away but I'm more wondering where the past 3 years has gone! lol Time is going by way, way to fast...

    BECG- It sounds like such an exciting time for you...though I bet it comes with some struggles too. Staying busy over the winter certainly makes things go faster. I look forward to hearing about your new adventures:)

  10. I love this time of year!!! Well, other than going back to work - lol. I love that it's not too hot, not too cold. The leaves turn beautiful colors and the crisp air makes me want to hop on a horse and gallop over the leaf litterred trails.

    Don't worry - I've learned we all go through those stages of unknown. Take the time, think, and things will eventually work out. :)

  11. I hate winter- it just means MUD! And there is going to be plenty of it at the pasture where I keep the Mare. I'm trying like hell to redirect the owners focus to get ready NOW for that- but she really isn't bothered by the horses standing up to their tailbones in the gooey stuff! Still I will persist!
    I know what you mean about blah- I sort of wish I could stay inside with a book and read, or finish the book I'm working on or something.
    But that minus balance in the old accounts says " NOPE- no rest for you my girl!" And I'm with PG- I'm looking for work too- been officially a statistic for a year now. ( of course that isn't counting all the other 'jobs' I do! )

  12. CRAZY busy w/back to school this week....(which is why I haven't emailed you back but I'm thinking of you and will get to it this weekend, I promise!)
    I love fall and I'm always ready for the new season and the promise of change....summer is a nice break, but it's time to be productive again. I've got so many ideas swirlin' in my head....not enough hours in the day! ;-) Have a great weekend!

  13. Ugh. SO wishing I could re-wind to June!! Life things that made sense in June are in limbo now and I'm so NOT looking forward to winter. I can definitely relate to your feeling of being in an odd place...sometimes life is weird like that. I try to keep an open mind though and do my best to walk confidently down the path that's being laid for me. As for the "season transition", I really like fall, although I guess "techinically" we're still in summer. So, I guess I really like "late summer". ;) And early fall. The rest of fall and winter, not so much. Definitely dig the holidays, but then I get SO depressed in Jan/Feb/March. Gonna try to enjoy it for what it is though. The good news's just about time for me to delve back into the Twilight Series! And we have New Moon to look forward to!! :)

  14. I enjoy seeing photos of your Hawkydog. You captured some wonderful photos of him, too.

    So, is the feather a metaphor for your life right now? Are you feeling like your life is just sitting there waiting for breeze to blow it in some kind of direction, but not sure which way?

    As for me, I'm just trying to get my kids back on the homeschool track. They are balking at having a schedule and assignments and having to get used to me wearing the 'teacher hat' again.
    It's a lot of responsibility and can be overwhelming for me. Some days I just want to do the same as you and just cuddle up under some cozy blankets with a good book and a cup of tea.

    Oh well. It's back to the grind. Summer is offically over.