Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hawky Fatty No More!

Back in November I did a post about my dog, Hawk's weight problem. You see, Hawky has a spinal disease that limits his exercise...that, combined with a very hardy natural disposition (he really is big boned!) led to a weight problem that simply got out of hand.

At peak form (and as a younger dog) Hawk weighed in between 62-65 pounds- the perfect weight for a dog of his size and stature...

But in October of last year we discovered that Hawk's weight had ballooned to 83 pounds!! That is fat, fat fat! And not in a good "phat" kind of way either. So late last year we got started on The Great Hawkydog "Lifestyle Change".... Okay, we didnt call it that. But you get my point... the dog was put on a strict diet!

At first Hawky was convinced that we were trying to starve him to death....actually, I believe he is still of that opinion...


After a very long and very hungry summer our efforts were finally rewarded...

Last week Hawky went in to the vets be weighed and walked out a happy dog...

Guess how much weight we dropped off the big blue bugger?

13 POUNDS!!!!

Hawky now weighs 69 pounds! Sweet!

I wish I weighed 69 pounds!

Okay, not really...

But still.

I need to turn my strict dog feeding program into a strict Chelsi feeding program.


I'm hungry.

Cupcake anyone?


  1. Now you'll have to change your sidebar!

  2. Woot!!! What a good mom you are! A little tough love never hurt anyone. I myself have control issues when it comes to cupcakes - hence all the running I do. lol!

  3. Hooray! I am glad he is back down to a healthy weight! Boy, he looks happy! I have been dieting for a while and I think my body is convinced that I am starving it!! LOL!! Oh the joys of trying to loose weight!!

  4. That is so great! Is he going to share his diet secrets?? :) I'm glad he is at a healthier weight, such a cute guy with those silly teeth sticking out, he looks like vampire-Hawky, LOL! :)
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    kind of a Twilight-esque kind of name, eh? ;)

  5. (okay, don't tell anyone but I have some raw cookie dough in the garage refrigerator. Come on over and we'll have a party!!!)

    Congrats Hawky! It's a tough road, but much better for your back!

  6. These photos are so cute! He looks great, good job resisting the starving puppy eyes I'm sure you felt boring into you over the past several months! Now that you are a professional weight loss guru can you maybe host a weight loss camp for people!???

  7. lol! Yay Hawky Dog! He looks thrilled, too!

    I think he wants to start doing those Subway commercials now. hehe!


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    Something you do when you gorge on too many cupcakes?