Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Poll Questions

So often I've gone to post a poll but chickened out at the last minute...I think to myself, "Don't do it, Chelsi...they are going to think you are *gasp* weird! So I dont. But it doesn't stop my brain from thinking up countless questions.

Do you ever find that while you are going about your daily chores (like making the bed) out of no where this little voice pops in to your head and says, "I should post a poll and ask all of those folks out in blogger land if they make their bed first thing in the morning! I wonder how many of them dont....and if they dont, do they wait till the evening or just not do it at all?"

Weird, right?

Oh but it doesn't stop there! "Do you tuck your sheets in or leave it hanging out? How often do you wash your sheets? Do you keep the dish soap out on the counter or tuck it away out of sight? Do you get self serve or full serve at the gas station? Do you watch TV before bed?"

Sometimes my questions are more philosophical... like "Are all men incapable of multitasking?" "When did you decide you wanted children?" "Which did you enjoy more, your 20s or 30s? "

But mostly it is the mundane aspects of life that I wonder about... "Do you have a girl friend who you talk on the phone with once (or more) a day? Do you get manicures bi-monthly? Toothpaste cap or off? Do you get dressed out of your "house clothes" to go to the grocery store? Do you even have "house clothes" or do you get dressed for the day and that's it? Am I the only one in the world you feels like I'm getting gouged by the toilet paper companies?

Isn't it funny how the "blogger" side of your brain views the world around you from the sideline, piping up every so often to say, "This, this I have to put on my blog!"

Am I weird?


  1. So where's the poll? LOL!

  2. Don't think I'm qualified to judge if YOU are weird, since I already know I am! LOL. But I can totally relate to the "blogger brain." Thought it was just because this is still so new. Hmph. Oh, one more thing: can you seriously still get full serve?

  3. To answer your questions:

    Usually I don't make the bed (gasp!). Really, no one sees it all day and I'm just going to crawl back in and mess it up again. Not weird to ask at all!

    When I do make my bed, I tuck in the sheets. If I'm going to bother with a job, I'll do it right. I wash my sheets weekly, occasionally more often if one of us has been sick or it's been extra hot (sweaty). I keep the dishsoap on the counter, in easy reach, partially because I tend to use it to wash my hands when I come in from outside. Dawn is so great for all the nasty farm yuck! We get full service gasoline because that's what they have here in Oregon. You don't get to pump your own gas. I hear they did that to create jobs for teens to keep them out of trouble. Yes, I watch tv before bed, but only downstairs in the livingroom. We don't have a tv in the bedroom, and I like it that way 99% of the time.

    My husband multitasks. Or he attempts to. Ok, he makes a good stab at it. I didn't really decide I wanted children, I was not aware that antibiotics and birth control cross cancel each other out. Oops! So far, I've enjoyed my late 20's the most.

    Yes, I call my BFF who lives about 200 miles away at least once a day. If we some how miss each other on any particular day, we both feel a little bereft without at least touching base. We've been friends for 17 years now. I don't get manicures at all. Toothpaste cap on. I don't "dress up" to go to the grocery store, but I don't really go in what I lounge around the house in either. I don't really have "house clothes", but I know what you mean. Sometimes I get dressed, sometimes I don't. Depends on what's going on that day here on the farm. And yes, as women, who use more TP than men to begin with, we are getting gouged for a bit of paper we'll just flush away in moments.

    No, you aren't weird. Really, you should post your polls when you think of them!

  4. Hehe I'm going to try to answer your questions too...

    I really hardly ever make the bed. I'll pull the covers back on and make sure they are sorta right before we go to bed at night, but that's about it. When I wash the sheets, about once a week, the sheets get tucked in around the foot of the bed, "nurses' corners", as the boyfriend likes to remind me when he helps me.

    Our dish soap is on the corner of the sink, along with the hand soap and a bar of soap on the other corner. No clue why though.

    I'm definately a cheap skate self-serve fuel kinda gal. The only full serve station that I know of is just around the corner from my work, but they are like 25 cents more/gal. Can't do it!

    Usually the boyfriend watches tv and I read in the living room before we go to bed. No tv in the bedroom, and that's the way we like it.

    Yes, absolutely all men are incabaple of multi-tasking. Atleast from what I've seen.

    I decided a long time ago that there will not be kids in my future.

    Haven't gotten to my 30's yet, but my 20's have been pretty great!

    I email back and forth with my bff every day. It's weird when one of us is on vaca or something so we don't get to chat.

    I WISH I got manis bi-monthly! The last mani I had was for aforementioned bff's wedding over a year ago.

    Toothpaste cap on!

    I do have house clothes, usually my pj's or my fleece yoga pants. I usually hit the grocery store on my way home from work so it's not much of an issue, but I do try to get out of my "house clothes" before I leave the house on the wknds. If I don't leave, there is a good chance I stay in them though.

    Don't even get me started on tp. I "won" a package of tp as a joke door prize at my high school reunion and, sadly, I wasn't too disappointed. That isht is expensive!

    I totally wonder about the little things in life and how other people do things. It's always fascinating to me. My bloggy brain has been a little pre-occupied lately, but I do definately have one, planning out multiple future posts.

    So no, you're not weird. But then again, I guess weird is totally relative and I can be pretty weird myself... :)

  5. for the bed, I make it at night right before I get into it, gotta make sure the sheets are right! We only tuck in the sheets at the end of the bed. And I only wash sheets when I think about it, every other week? Maybe longer (I know gross right?).

    Toothpaste cap on.

    My husband def cannot multitask.

    I wear house clothes all day. I'm a stay at home mom though, does that really count as an excuse? I'm sure Stacey and Clinton would think not!

    YES, toilet paper companies are sticking it to us!

    Dish soap stays on the counter

    Self serve at the gas station, we don't have a full service anywhere in this town!

    Watch t.v. before bed, but not in bed

    No girlfriend that I talk to daily, maybe monthly?

    No mani or pedi.

    This was fun!

  6. No you are not weird for those questions.
    I wash my bedding every week, I usually just throw the blankets and straighten every thing out on my bed, only add extra pillows if company is coming over, not that they will see my bedroom, but you never know!
    Dish soap is on the sink, I use it to much to have to bend down to get it out from under the sink.
    Toothpaste cap is always on.
    I do watch t.v. before bed, but only in the living room, although the OH watches and falls asleep to the t.v. on every night, but he is in bed at 7:00, way earlier than I am.
    No manicure's or pedicures, can't afford them.
    I don't like talking on the phone, but like to email friends as much as I can.
    I am probably missing a question.
    Thanks for the questions! Love polls!

  7. Oh! Oh! Oh! I am SO excited some of you chose to answer!! That is awesome!

  8. Oh, how interesting to read everyones answers! These are good questions! Here is my contribution! I vowed to never make my bed after moving out of my parents house...so far so good!! My boyfriend (soon to be hubby) however pulls it together every morning. I wash the sheets once a week, but more if needed...I tuck everything in when I do...make it look nice...then leave it to Chad!! Our soap is on the counter, that way everyone can find it! I always pump my own gas, it saves money and keeps the wierdness out of waiting for someone to get it done. I think some men can multitask...some think they are, but leave a lot of loose ends (that'd be mine...props to him for trying!). I'm crowding 35 and still don't know if I want kids...ugh! I have been pretty happy with all of my ages ( teens,20s and 30s), its just a number and doesn't hold much value to me for the most part. I don't talk to my bff daily, but when we do talk we talk for hours. Manicure, whats that?! Cap on, and please for the love of God, sqeeze from the bottom up! I go to the store, local eatery in what ever I have on...jammies, barn clothes, work clothes...clothes are clothes, just as long as nothing is hanging out!! LOL!!
    Thanks for the entertainment!! I loved it!!

  9. Hey, I think those same things!! And I was so hoping for a poll!! LOL!! But I'll go ahead and answer those questions.

    I sometimes make my bed. Mostly all the time, but if I have stuff going on, sick kids, kids missing the bus, then I don't have time to make it and probably won't get back to it at the end of the day.....if company comes, I just close the door!! LOL

    Sheets must be tucked, if they are not pulled tight I freak out, my husband thinks i am weird.....

    Dish soap on the counter.

    Self Serve, I live in the middle of no where, we are lucky to have a gas station!!

    Yes, always watch tv before bed. Didn't used to, but just started it. All the good animal planet shows come on after dark!

    Yes, all men are incapable of multitasking, at least the ones I have met.

    I have always wanted children, just never planned for a single one. I am spontaneous like that!

    I am not 30 yet and I think I might cry when I turn 30....

    I talk to my sister almost 3 or more times a day. Love her, and I have three other sisters....and I do have a best friend that I talk to once a week.

    no manis or pedis. Just no time or do I care what my nails look like. I don't' even file them, and girl, I even bite them!!

    I do have barn clothes, and date night clothes. Other than that, the folks are lucky at the grocery store if I am showered after cleaning stalls!!

    Yes, toilet paper is expensive, just shop some sales and use coupons and we'll get those companies back!

    And I do say, "This is going on my blog!" I am a dork, but I have slowed down my blogging, life has gotten a big crazy for me. With horses, kids, dogs, and school. Ugh.....

    This was a great post and no, you are not weird. If so, then I am weird too!! Because I wonder the same things.

  10. Here I am thinking "Cool, a poll!" and then you leave me hanging! LOL! Okay, I have work clothes, town clothes and farm/home clothes and depending on the quality of the farm clothes I have on I may or may not change to go to town.

    Hmmm... what else, now I can't remember all the things...

    I often think - that would make a great post and then rarely get around to actually writing it.

    I too wonder about those in blogger land. Some days I think - weird, people read this stuff. lol

  11. Ok, I love this post. I love survey's applications, anything that you can fill out. OK you can call me weird. I make the bed every morning, I do not ever tuck in the sheets. I wash them once a week, leave my dish soap on the counter(I hate having to get it from underneath the sink everytime). I only go to self serve and always watch TV before bed, it is kind of like my warm milk. Yes, I believe that all men can not multitask, ok maybe that is not fair, but I have not met a man yet that can multitask like a woman. I am enjoying my 30's, ouch, that is the first time I have written that. I definetly enjoyed my late 20's more than my early ones. I have always wanted children, just always thought I would have them earlier, then I realized that I was not grown up enough to have them. I don't know if I will ever be. I talk to my mom, sister and my aunt every day much to my husbands discuss on how much time I spend on the phone. No manicures at all, maybe once a year. Toothpaste cap off, too lazy, it is kind of funny though that I just don't throw it away, never really thought about it much. No just wear the same cloths no matter how bad they look, maybe I should think about that. I don't understand the toilet paper question. That was fun. Thanks Chel. love ya.

  12. You are not weird - go ahead and post your polls. If people don't want to answer, they won't.

    I like it better in a poll format that way you can see if you are in the majority or minority and percentages I love percentages.

    So go ahead and poll away!

  13. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has so many questions - here's my shot at answers too:

    Bed Sheets: You can tuck them in? (our bed is really thick and untuckable cuz I won't shell out the cash for the thick stuff)

    Dish soap is on the counter. THere's no room under the sink. :D

    We don't even have full service. Anywhere. I consider myself put upon if I have to walk in the store to pay.

    Men multitask? Please, they can't even get the bathroom doors to lock at 50% of the bathrooms in america's self serve gas stations.

    I've got 2 kids and had been on the hunt for the right papa for 15 years. Makes the differnce, even if our bathroom door doesn't lock.

    40s, baby. You can be in great shape and care a whole lot less about other people's opinions.

    My sister is my phone partner.

    Got my third pedi and like it okay, but find the entire thing way too self indulgent. $$ for tack, though.... no problem. LOL

    I just finished buying a barn shirt and really want a pretty riding shirt.

    Toilet paper. I'm a crinkler on a septic. Can't afford to plug things up with too much! LOL

    Whew. okay. Hope that helped.

    Thanks also for the great tips you left on my blog - would you mind if I posted to the blog to share with others?


  14. I love surveys and polls too, LOL! Remember slam books? I was the queen of making and signing them!
    I have a friend I email with every day, but we don't talk on the phone hardly ever! She's not a phone talker, LOL!
    I'm not big on pedis or manis, usually just when I get gift cards. I kind of give them to myself! :)
    I don't make my bed first thing, I wait until after I put my make-up on, then I go back and do it. I do make it every day though, I spend too much time and energy w/having bedding and pillows I love, I want to see what they look like all put together like in a magazine, LOL!
    Toothpaste cap on, and I do not wear houseclothes to the store, I do kind of have houseclothes, they are pretty ghastly!
    I do get that "blogger" side of your brain thing!! :)