Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Resale Horses

I think I must be sick. Or deranged. Or at the very least totally out of tune with reality. There is simply no other explanation for why, after seven years of repeating the same cycle over and over again I cant get it through my thick skull not that there is....

No money to be made in horses....


....there I go.

I cant let go of this idea that I want to buy and sell horses for profit. The problem with this idea is that every time I have sit down and equate the costs involved in such a venture I end up with...well... no profit... especially if I take in to account such things as vet, farrier, taxes, gas, hauling, board, advertising, and such. Never to be deterred by logic, I've devised all sorts of strategies to avoid the reality that there is much, much easier and more reliable ways to make money in the world than to buy the ever fragile, undependable and unpredictable horse and sell it to the ever undependable, unpredictable and fickle horseman.

I've come up with all sorts of schemes and strategies, the most feasible of which has been to focus on the baby boomer reriders... these honest, unassuming and funlovin' folks are some of the only in the equine industry that dont seem to mind spending a good dollar to get what they want...which is generally very pretty, midsized, colored, mildly aged and dead broke quarter horse geldings. I know of a few brokers who specialize in such horses and they seem too, as best as I can tell, make some money at it.... however... there, with the work broker, I stumble in to a stereotype that most wish to avoid....

Of course my intention would be to gain a reputation of integrity, honest dealing and of standing behind the horses I sell..which would of course be nothing but good minded, sound, and reliable horses. Did I mention that I am totally out of tune with reality right? Good. Because we all know that no one, and I mean no one can escape the wrath of The Crazy Folk.... Yes, these godforsaken people exist in every industry but it seems that the horse world is particularly good at turning out the craziest of the crazies- especially when it comes to buying and selling horses...And of course, Murphy's Law, the Crazies are a gossiping breed, easily aggravated, highly sensitive to any slight- imagined or not- and bent on sparing the world from ever doing business with anyone who falls in their disfavor. In other words... I think it is improbable, if not impossible to maintain a flawless reputation in the horse industry not matter how determinedly one may try.... but I digress.

I just wish that there were some way to make a living out of horses.

Surely some must do it? You know, actually make money... out of... breeding, training, and reselling horses! ... is it possible when you are not independently wealthy to begin with? Are these people making a living or merely supplementing their income? Paying their habit? or are they too dropping dollars in to the vast and seemingly bottomless abyss which is the cost of keeping horses.

So why, if I have such a pessimistic view of the industry, do I have a half dozen horses in my favorites right now that I'd buy simply because I think they are worth more than their asking price, if marketed correctly? Because, I have not let logic, reason or reality temper my dream that one day, some how, some way, it will be possible to make a living with horses.

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