Monday, September 14, 2009

How my Sister Tried to Kill Me...

My sister tried to kill me today. Okay...not really...but at times I thought I was going to die and it was her who forced me to keep going... Okay, I was willing...just not necessarily able. You see she took me on a hike today...

A hard hike!

A steep hike!

A long hike!

I used to hike a lot. Way back when... long before my computer chair and my ass became best friends....

Did I mention I almost died? Or that despite the pain, sweat, and shaky knees I loved every minute of it..... Not just for the quality of company (I adore my sister) but because of the view, the forest, the cool misty air of the mountains and the sweet earthy smell of the soil beneath our feet....

(Above: My sister took this picture. I love it. I also love the way she said, "Look at the 'widdle mushrooms! Awww! They's sooo cute!" (note: My sister can speak English correctly....she just likes to baby talk odd mushrooms, slugs and caterpillars...)

(Above: We parked next to the river you see at the bottom of this valley...just for a little perspective on the elevation of this hike...and this was actually pretty early in...)

(Above: You also get an idea of the grade (14.5% average grade) and some of the great old growth Firs!)

(Above: But check out this tree!! It is hanging upside down! And it was huge! That is the root system you see at the top and a great big boulder wedged at the top that appeared to be keeping it from sliding down the mountain! The trail was so steep I couldn't get back far enough for a good shot but this tree was massive!)

It was hard to get a shot of some of the steepest sections. At this particular moment I stopped to take a keep from crying. Or dying...
But the reward was worth the effort. This gorgeous waterfall at the top was just spectacular! Far more impressive than what shows in these pics. It was hard to get a good shot because the look-out was so close to the actual falls that if I got any closer my lens would become totally covered in droplets from the mist in just a few seconds.

The below picture of Hunter and Buddy remind me of the classic kid movie Homeward Bound...

I set my camera up on a stump and managed to get one good shot of my sister and I and the dogs. Poor Hawkydog couldn't come because the hike down would have been too hard on his back but Hunter and Buddy both had a ball.

This is a shot from across the river in the valley looking up at the mountain side and the falls we had just hiked. The trail head is just out of the shot to the right...

I have to thank my Sis for kicking my butt and getting me out the door and up the mountain. I forgot how much I loved being deep in the woods and the sense of accomplishment that you feel both at the top and at the bottom of a mountain. It was a great day! The drive home wasn't to shabby either....

I do love you Eesha! But I'm not going to like you until I can walk again.
Your Sista!
Hope you all had a great weekend.


  1. What a beautiful hike, even though you are hurting! I would be hurting too. I am not used to walking as much as I used too, and today I nearly killed my knees walking dogs for 3 hours!
    Love the scenery, and OMG, I would have died if I had to hike next to that drop off! I am so terrified of heights, I couldn't do it!
    Good for you, you made it, got awesome pictures, love the one of you, your sis and the dogs, and you will feel better in a few days...ready to go again?

  2. Yeah, I'd be hurting too. I'm coming to realize my rodeo injury may haunt me forever.

    Great photos!

  3. Beautiful scenery! I'll bet you hurt even more today - those were some steep grades!

  4. Wow. Are you sure she didn't kill you and that was heaven? So beautiful. Worth being sore.

  5. You got some great pic's, it was an awesome day, thanks for coming up, we have to get Garibaldi in soon! (we will leave at 6am so we can bring the dogs...)

    Love ya.


  6. It's so beautiful there! I love all the big trees!! And girl, I would have almost died too!! Those "hills" were big!! Glad you made it home to tell us about it!

  7. What a beautiful hike and it looks like the weather was perfect too! I guess if you have to die at the hand of your sister, what better way, right?

  8. So beautiful...kind of Twilight-esque, eh? :) I bet you are sore....I remember hiking 9 miles once, could barely walk a few days afterwards, LOL!
    p.s. I know I owe you an email I am SO behind, between My Boy's leg needing attention every day, (nearly an hour's drive each way) and school...I'll get back to you this weekend!!! xo

  9. Gorgeous scenery! Reminds me of a primordial forest. I keep imagining dinosaurs peeking out from behind those massive tall trees. Wow!
    Your forests are so different than ours. I miss hikes like that, but I don't know if my gimpy knee will ever be able to hike agressively like that again. :(

    What wonderful memories you and your sister made together :)


  10. Wow! That looked sooo fun! I am totally jealous!

    Great pictures too! And yes that shot did look like it came walking right out of the movie "Homeward Bound" how lucky you guys are to have such neat trails near by where you are allowed to bring the dogs.