Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Ebay Trepidation

I sold my Bob's.

Please excuse me a minute... it is hard to type and cry at the same time.

I am having serious sellers much so that I'm thinking I might beg the buyer to cancel the sale but that feels just so... I dont know.... impolite. Sometimes I wish I werent so damn Canadian.

So... I thought maybe i'd drown my sorrows by doing a little online shopping for a replacement saddle and guess what? It worked! I found a saddle that I'd really like to buy... only...

It's on ebay.

And I've never bought anything on ebay before. As in... never... and so am a little intimidated by the prospect of buying a rather expensive saddle as one of my first purchases.

Also, the buyer of my Bob's (who is on the east coast of the US) is having trouble figuring out how to get me payment as I dont (or rather now didnt) have a paypal account and my bank said it could take up to a month to clear a US cheque. So this evening I set up an ebay and paypal account but am worried about about walking the learning curve on paypal while selling a rather expensive saddle.

The only thing I've ever bought online was a Buns Of Steel Yoga video for $8.99 from and it never did get delivered. I was very disappointed. Seriously, I wanted that VHS something bad. So you can understand my trepidation.

Any words of wisdom?


  1. And buying a saddle online is chancy too because you can't tell if it's going to fit your horse and if it doesn't then you're stuck with it!

  2. I've had good luck with paypal, but never for a large amount of $$. I think paypal is the best means - it is pretty much instant.

    If you didn't want to go the paypal route, you could always request a money order. We can get them at the bank or post office here, in Cdn, US and British pounds. Only catch is that it would still take a week or so to receive it in the mail.

    As for buying a saddle on ebay - research your seller, ask them lots of questions... I think it would probably be easier to buy western online than english - english saddles seem way harder to fit, IMO.

  3. I've had good luck on Ebay. Even bought a couple of saddles and they were exactly as described.

    Obviously, the biggest part is knowing exactly what you are buying. Are you buying a saddle made by a maker that you know who they are and how their saddles fit and ride?

    Ask for pictures to be posted with the measurements you want/need to know being shown. This way you know exactly where they are measuring from and to.

    Also, look at the seller's rating and actually read the comments people leave. If there was an issue, was it resolved? quickly? etc, etc.

    Personally, I think you know tack and quality well enough to have a pleasurable buying experience on Ebay.

  4. Ebay scares me. It's too damn confusing for my little brain, though I know a lot of people who use it without a problem.

  5. Paypal seems to do what it promises. I've shopped a lot on ebay & its the only way I have paid & have not had any issues (knock wood).

    I've sold a saddle on ebay (successfully) and bought one. The one I bought was a rare Circle Y cordura. Circle Y didn't make them very long, but I wanted a lightweight to knock around with. I know Circle Y quality, I knew what size both the horse & I needed, and the saddle was only $250 - so it was worth it to me.

    However, for my good saddle, I shopped the old fashioned way. Although the horse size & seat on a name brand saddle didn't bother me for online shopping, I like to look, touch & feel. And have options.

    You could find something at a store you like & then search for it on ebay... another option.

  6. I have bought and sold on e-bay for years. Many many saddles, both ways. The other post said it best- ask lots of questions- KNOW what size you need and the dimentions. Also ask about a return policy because a lot of those saddles are being sold by dealers and they WILL take it back.
    E-bay forces you to use paypal but they also offer bidpay and a few others. I have had issues with paypal but not in the getting my payment dept. They will hold the funds until the transaction is compleated which means that feedback is posted and all. They DO NOT want you taking a MO or a cashiers check because they are easily stolen and cashed. Better becaue you live in Canada that you go to the Post Office and purchase one of those Canadian Fund thingys. Ask your seller if they will accept them before you bid. If you pay with a credit card- go to the place where you can load up a prepaid card with the correct funds and pay that way. I have had my identity stolen and I fear it was someone hacking into the Paypal account.I can't prove that though- just a hunch.

    Those Prepaid cards are ideal. You only put on as much as you are going to need for the transaction and the funds are available almost instantly.
    Good luck !

  7. I have used ebay extensively for many many years. Ebay owns paypal and now requires payment through them for nearly all transactions. have no fear of accepting payment, or handling any funds from them. simply transfer into your checking takes about 3 days or so. Always use your credit card with paypal for making purchases it gives you an extra layer of protection to kill the deal should there be a problem with an unscrupulous seller.
    As far as buying goes, check feedback, deal with a quality seller, know what you are buying, do research, ask for lots of detailed pics if not already posted.
    I know several good tack sellers on ebay, their stuff is good, properly described and clearly photographed.
    I'd be glad to look over the listings you are interested in and give my opinion as to the quality of the seller.

    I have bought and sold on ebay for over 8 years, I have over 335 feedback.
    I'd be glad to help

  8. I love ebay, and have bought many things on it as well. Although never a saddle becasue I am very picky with my sore knee needs to sit in a saddle to make sure it dowsnt make it sore. But if you know what you want, id say try it if its cheap, otherwise go the old fashioned way. I also have used paypal and have never had a problem with them, and would never accept a regular check from anyone, or else dont ship until the check clears so you are sure you get the money.