Friday, December 10, 2010

Princess of all Trades

(I snapped this pic quick to show P in her Simple boots and english saddle. The result is proof that I can take a REALLY (really really really) bad picture! While in real life she certainly doesnt look at all FUGLY, as she does in the photo, she actually does look just about that ridiculous in her English saddle. Sorry P!)

Princess... *deep sigh* (Still not lovin' the name) is doing really well. I really like this mare. The word that first comes to mind when I think of P is gentle. Her mannerisms on the ground...the way she steps, eats, and interacts with people is soft, fluid, dainty and ultimately gentle. The words that do not come to mind are sassy, snappy, sharp, quick witted and complicated. I love how nice and quiet she is to be around... but I also sometimes miss the challenge and passion that can come with a horse that challenges you... which is why I'm glad she isnt as passive under saddle as she is on the ground.

I love riding this mare. I dont know if I've ever ridden a horse that so doesnt fit in to one category or another. She isnt that super quiet dog and isnt a hot firecracker performance horse either. See my post on the topic of Creating vs Containing Energy here.

P is quiet and very sensible in her own way but she's also insecure, worried and forward. She has a very strong, powerful way of going, a ground covering, smooooth and effortless stride but she isnt super athletic and has no cow horse snap. I have never had to create energy in her, she is always eager to move out and move forward but I dont have to work very hard to contain her energy either. I would never call her hot. I wouldnt hesitate to put a complete beginner on her and let them ride her around the arena but I would never dream of sending them down the trail. To those thing she has become accustomed P is a bombproof as they come... I've had a massive tractor hauling an 18 foot trailer pass us on the road not ten feet from her and she doesn't so much as bat an eyelash, she will step over logs and through water and she will squeeze herself through the narrowest gap out on the trail but these railway tracks (photo below), in her mind, are the epitome of a horsey death trap. The train- not a problem at all! The tracks- big freakin deal. Silly mare.

What I love most about P is that she is not a bitch. Not even a little. And on the rare occasion she does get bitchy about something it is almost comical... a quick swat on her shoulder with the end of the reins and she is like, "Oh! *nods amicably* I see your point!" That is not to say that the majority of the time she responds well to negative correction. P needs to be encouraged and supported with firm but clear and fair direction but if you get in to her and start pushing too hard she just breaks down, looses all her confidence and then there is no reasoning with her. I like being her leader because I feel my job is not to just control her but to encourage her to be bolder.

I still have no idea what, if any, discipline best suits P. She doesnt have a strength but also doesnt really have a weakness either. She is just enough of everything but not quite enough of one thing. I think she just might be a true jack-of-all-trades-king-of-none horse... I guess in that way the name "Princess" might suit her after all.


  1. Sounds like she's a lot like Maisie, and about the complete opposite of Dawn. I think you've got a good one, and she's so cute, too!

  2. Sounds like she is just about perfect !

  3. P could be for Pegasus...did I even spell that right??

  4. She looks like she has rounded out since you aquired her!
    While reading through your post I thought, what a nice little mare- and I just wanted to remind you that it takes a good year to truely bond to a horse and they to you. Any insecurity will probably vanish as she learns to trust you with her whole being!

  5. I'm glad you still love her so much! She sounds like a fantastic horse to keep around! :-)

  6. I agree with all the other comments. I think you've got a treasure here, and she's just too adorable to even stand!