Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How to Resist Christmas Goodies!

I have inadvertently discovered an easy way to resist those often irresistible Christmas goodies! It is simple... just a little Koppertox applied to the hands and voila! Every bite you take will be overwhelmed by the pungent odor making eating any food, (such as the delicious grilled cheese sandwich I had hoped to have for supper) nearly impossible to enjoy!

And as an extra bonus you get to show your Christmas spirit by sporting vibrant green stains all over your hands!

*bland stare*

Note to self: Use rubber gloves when applying Koppertox to my horses feet.


  1. I had to learn to use rubber gloves with Koppertox the hard way as well. It is also lovely if you sleep with your hands anywhere near your face. Koppertox dreams all night long.

  2. Ugh. that stuff smells sooooo bad!

    Gloves are a must. Even then, I still manage to splash a drop on my arm/sleeve/pant leg/boot. Stupid stuff.

  3. Well lesson learned and calories saved LOL
    I may have to try this, treats are very tempting this time of year

  4. yikes I think thats a bit extreme, although I have no doubt it would work!

  5. I wish I didn't understand what you were talking about here. Just thinking about that smell on my hands makes my lip curl and my nose wrinkle.

  6. Haha!!! Good one!!! And I am so glad that you were able to relax and have a good gallop. : )

    I am able to relax when I am galloping like a crazed woman, when I am riding Waska. When I am riding Bo, I constantly see my life flashing before my eyes...lol!!!

    So I take it LP (Little Princess???) is working out just fine for you? I am so happy that things have turned out. : )

    Oh, and my vote is for the Toyota Land Cruiser!!!!

  7. Or get some pyrantel on your skin when you deworm your horse. It absorbs through the skin, leaving an icky taste at the back of your mouth.

  8. Ugh! You guys do stuff the hard way! Get some of the SPRAY on Thrush Buster- it works great, sprays upside down and you don't get it on your hands!
    Of course if you WANT to have a vile green smelling reason not to eat goodies- go right ahead and splash away! I prefer peppermint...