Thursday, December 30, 2010

Love is in the Fuzzy Details

Yesterday I took these shots of P's pasture mate M... a sweet red dun mare with a big soft eye and a coat so soft and fuzzy I just cant keep my hands off of her.

Who wouldnt want to sink their fingers into that ultra lush and plush fur behind her ears....

And tickle the course long hairs that sprout from her ever expressive lip...

Or bury your frozen hands beneath the thickness of her dun streaked mane and feel them tingle from the heat trapped within.

Sometimes I find myself pausing as I pass her by...I stop and wonder at the gentle kindness within the depths of those deep brown eyes...

And at some point along the way I realized that while I love all of her fuzzy details, I've come to love the mare.

div>But she is not for sale.

And I cant have another horse.

But her full sister is for sale...

*devious grin*

*taps her fingers, squints, cocks eyebrow and makes other outward signs of inward plotting*


  1. That last photo is amazing! Love this post. :)

  2. I agree, the last photo is fantastic! Frame it and put it on the wall kind of fantastic!!
    It's definaley the time of year to burry your fingers in the mane and feel the heat trapped between there and the neck. Such a great winter treat!!

  3. love that thick mane! Hmm... it's always fun plotting away trying to decide if you can add another horse to the pack, I mean really, what's one more? ;-)

  4. I can hear the wheels turning clear down here. Can I?.........Can't I..........Should I?........... and all the rest.

    Now me, I've done that buying one because I couldn't have the related one I wanted. It did not disappoint although I did end up with the one I really wanted in the end so now I have both.

    In the meantime enjoy your warm fuzzy moments.

    I love the pic of the eye too.

    Happy New Year!

  5. Love don't cost a thing...

    Nice pictures!

  6. Hmm theres always room for one more isnt there???? Meanwhile love away.

  7. She has a beautiful eye and you captured it well. Careful, you know what they say about horse being like potato chips...