Friday, December 17, 2010

A Sensible Car

For the past year I have been driving a very sensible car... I italicize that "sensible" because while there are many words I could use to describe my 2003 Civic (ie- economic and reliable), sexy is most certainly not the word that comes to mind.... Nor does the terms character, originality or personality. Civics are common, to say the least. I've walked out a store and gone to get in to my car a number of times in the past year only to find that my key less entry wouldn't work because the car I was trying to enter was not my own. Embarrassing? Yes.

I think most people would agree that the car you drive, it's color, cleanliness and finishings, often reflect something of who you are as a person, or at least how you'd like to be viewed. Because I have spent a year driving a car that reflects nothing of who I am, or who I want to be, I can appreciate all the more vehicles with real character. I have always wanted an old classic truck. The closest I have ever come was when I had my 1983 F-250 (lovely named San Jose)... but, while she might have qualified as old, she was far from classic. There have been a number of "classics" owned by friends over the years that I have coveted... see my favorites pictured below.

I have decided to sell my car and buy a truck (and hopefully a horse trailer too). While I know I have to be smart and buy something that I am going to be able to haul with... not to mention reliable, safe, and somewhat economical.... I am so sorely tempted to indulge in that life long dream and purchase a truck that will make my heart go pitter patter.

A girl can dream (of trucks).

1972 Ford F100

1969 Ford Bronco
1979 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

1970 SS 454 El Camino

1971 Chev Blazer

1972 GMC 4x4


  1. I'm with you on the old Bronci - love them.

    I no longer define myself by what I drive. If it gets me from Point A to Point B and will haul a trailer, I'm good. I don't even care what color it is.

  2. Oops, that would be Bronco. And I haven't even had any eggnog.

  3. I love that first one! Good luck with selling the car! I hope you can find a great deal and get a truck & a trailer!

  4. Go for the Bronco! I love that Bronco! And it's sturdy enough to haul with!

  5. The only time I ever got to pick out what kind of car I wanted was the first car I ever bought as an 18 year old. And even then I had limited funds, plus my dad had to "ok" what kind I got. Ever since then I basically had "hand me" down cars or whatever came by. Like currently I am driving my dad's Jeep Cherokee. (I took over his payments after he died), my s10 pickup was purchased because it was being taken to auction by the dealer my husband worked at and he could buy it for what the customer traded it in for. My camaro I drove was my parents because I needed a vehicle and I borrowed their "extra" car and then after two years my dad basically just told me to keep it.
    If I actually had my choice though it would definately be a 4 door 2500 truck.

  6. I think Leah Fry was right the first time--I'm pretty sure the plural of "Bronco" is "Bronci!"

    And I want one, too!

  7. Oohhh-My very first vehicle was a '69 Ford p/u. I was so ticked off when my step-dad told my mom it would be too expensive to fix-up and I ended up selling it because no one would help me mech-i-nec on it.

    My next pickup was a '76 Chevy Shortbox. Drove that p/u for replaced a couple of motors-heeheehee.

    My step-dad had a '68 Ford Bronco, but it was the cub cab with a 3 on the tree. That was neat to drive. But I don't recommend trying to pull anything with one that old. Too short of wheel-base and unless you put a much bigger engine in it, definitely not enough power! (I know, these are just 'dream' vehicles not anything you actually want to tow with..well except the pick-ups maybe).

    When mom finally gets the estate settled, I'm taking the late '50's Chevy p/u that is sitting behind the barn and fixing that up. I just love those old trucks.

    It's ironic though that you have had a 'sensible' car all this time and now are looking for a hauling rig and I've had nothing but haulers and am now looking for a car...A convertible. ;-)

    Good luck with your dealing!

  8. Ya got the horse! So now ya gotta get a truck. And then you gotta get a trailer. Out with the with the Heavy Duty. Have fun shopping!

  9. I used to own that Ford. Well, not exactly that one, but one like it. And I didn't really own it, Dave did. It was brown with orange detailing and a short bed. Dave loved that truck but sold it to get me bigger, better to haul horses with. He still misses that truck. Not me, boy was it a gas guzzler. LOL

  10. My first car was a 1972 Toyata Corolla that we used to call the "Rust Mobile". Try picking up your prom date in that. No Respect.

  11. Just one word of advise- get the biggest truck you can afford. Don't go with anything lighter than a 2500 and make sure the hitch is inspected for welds even if it is a draw tite. Ok that is more than one word, but after owning several trucks and going through MANY transmissions-and brakes jobs- I know wherein I speak. Don't forget to check out BAEN for truck deals!
    Good luck!!!

  12. I'm a Ford girl through and through. I loved my Bronco. I loved my F150. I have an Explorer now and need a truck and trailer.

    Good luck finding what's just right for you, Chelsi!