Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Anyone want to play The Dreamhorse Game?

Anyone want to play a little game?

Its kind of silly, but I like to play it every now and then. Ok, so maybe it's not a real "game" per say but here's what I do....
Go to dreamhorse.com (click for link to the advanced search page) (feel free to whichever site you like)

And fill out the search critieria to reflect the qualities of your "dreamhorse"....your DREAM horse (no need for reality to factor in here!)
1. Pick the breed or breeds (to pick multiple breeds hold down the Ctrl button while clicking your selection)
2. Leave the options:
-Search within ___ miles of ___ zip code
-horse name
-ad title

ALL CLEAR because the location/name of your dreamhorse doesn't matter and it opens up the selection.
4. Fill out as much of the search criteria as you see fit...keeping in mind the qualities you'd like to see in your dreamhorse:

-PRICE IS NO OPTION! (this is a true DREAM horse!)

If your search yields no results you will have to eliminate or change a few of the options you selected.

Now if you have more than one result you can pick your favorite!


Copy and paste a link of your ad into the comments section and I will ad it to this post!
Anyone want to play?
I picked AQHA or APHA mare or gelding between the age of 3-12, 14.2-16HH, grulla, blue roan or dunalino, reining...

And my result was....

A Twist with Honey (photos in this post) a finished 5 YO dunalino reining mare by Dun It With A Twist. And she'll only cost me $30,000!!
Patches pick: Listos Last Sugar Very nice! (side note: I dont know where "Patches" lives but she happened to pick a mare that lives within a half hour of where I do and who is owned by a trainer I am very familiar with!)

Melanie: Costalero XV pictured above.... (you know you've picked a horse with class when he has roman numerals in his name) and Special Addition. (her $68,000 selection. Dang girl, you've made my pic look cheap!)

Cndcowgirl: (sorry for the mistake her pick was actually the mare Dragster... Ok...seriously, check out her video.... I LOVE this mare! Holy cow! NICE HORSE!!

She also picked this speedly lookin' little thang Flyin Stat Girl
JennyBean79: found us this uber fancy Morgan mare named Briar Oaks Uptown Girl for a mere $35,000!

Wild_Spot: wanted to get in on this but dreamhorse didnt have an Australian Stock Horses so she picked this mare, Sensation Tivio Jesi a cute little buckskin (more pics here...she is a cutie) as well as this mare (who also came up in my search results and I actually considered picking her myself) CHQH Colonels Star. I love her color! After being asked to weigh in again Wild_Spot came up with this fabulous palomino Australian Stock Horse x AQHA mare...Southern Lady...

Once Upon an Equine: picked a DONKEY!!! Ya! A painted donkey no less! Jasmine (complete with a classic "what where they thinking" sales photo- fly mask on!) At $950 Jasmine is a steal!


Andrea: Now that is bling bling! Reddyformycloseup will only cost you 12,500! Not bad! Not bad at all. But if 16.2 is a little short for your taste you could always go for her other pick Its To Hot For Socks who comes in at 17.2HH!!!

Lisa at Laughing Orca Ranch: found 3 Icelandic horses!! Osk, with the cool flaxen mane, Harpa with the funky body clip and Snerra the sinking pony! Lisa also tried to find a haflinger and a Fjord but didn't have much luck.

Oregonsunshine: found this fantastic looking Friesian gelding, Dutton for a piddly $19,900...because $20k would have been too much but $19,900 is far more reasonable! She also found Pazo the light boned and graceful looking Andalusian. And last, but not least, OS had to include an Arab for good measure... SH Legacy of Stone


  1. Ha ha! I used to do this! I think one time I was lucky enough to find myself a bay Arabian gelding for the bargain price of $25,000! Haven't done it lately though, 'cause now I have my dream horse! :) Fun game though...it's ALWAYS fun to drool over gorgeous horses!

  2. Very fun game. And such a tease! I am at work and trying to actually *earn* my paycheck, but after a quick search this girl popped right out at me out of the 60 or so horses that came up for my criteria.


    Reiner, bay, adorable face white and the requisite hind sock. Can't say for sure since it's only the one pic, but I think I wish I had $25 grand. :)

  3. I do want to play - but wanted to let you know on the post I just did - i rant for about a paragraph and it's not about you. Actual it's referring to someone else who has given me trouble before on these types of posts but then I have spotted "those" types of people alot in the world of online equine - so I bitched a little. But I wanted to let you know it's not about you in anyway what so ever...

    I would never write anything to hurt my online buddies...

  4. heh heh heh
    I play this game sometimes too. I'll get back to you with my latest results.

  5. Only one???? But I like drastically different horses that do drastically different things...lol!!!

    Here are two that caught my eye:


    ...'cause every girl should have one of these, and this one....


    ...'cause even though I don't want a stallion, I would love to have something that resembles this one day. :)

    Ahhhhhh...the joys of DreamHorse. :)

  6. Ok I found two on Dreamhorse
    Ads # 1373423 and 1350071

    But the one I really like is here:

  7. I cheated a little. I already knew who my dream horse was, so I had to go to the website that she's listed at. She's a Morgan Mare named Briar Oaks Uptown Girl, $30,000.00.

    Here's the link so if you choose to get a pic you can ;)


  8. Ha! That's funny. Think you could hook me up? *wink, wink* Just kidding. I saw where she was and wondered how close that was to you. :) I'm in Western WA, so not too terribly far away. I don't think. Geography never was my best subject. lol

  9. Ok, just for this i'll stop lurking and post :]

    Seeing as Dreamhorse has a distinct lack of my breed of choice, ASH, I would have to go with this filly.


    Love the colour, love the look, love the age, and could even afford her! I wonder how much shipping is nowadays...

  10. And mroe pics here. I'm in love!


    It says $10,000 on the website. Now that's a little more out of my price range!

  11. And another:


  12. This is fun. I came up with my Dream Donkey!


  13. Hey Chelsi - don't know how it happened but Master isn't the right horse (from the non dream horse site) The one I meant to send was Dragster... fair warning only check her out if you really want to drool! lol
    If I had the money that would be my next barrel horse!
    And as for the Dreamhorse picks, I would actually seriously consider Flyin Stat Girl except that I'd hate to relocate her from Cali to the great white north.

  14. i tried to play but it's too painful - the horse market in america - OMGosh! purebred, trained, young horses for 500$? good heavens.

    if you look for horses here in germany, you see the way it used to be in days gone by. if you want to buy a purebred horse that has been ridden, you're looking at 5K euros. euros!

    i'm not shopping, but someday i will, and horses here are actual luxury items.


  15. Oh I love this game!! There are so many that I want!! Here is the one that I would LOVE to have!!


    I could also take this one

    I love a nice TALL hunter horse. But it's fun to see what everyone's dream horse is. And girl, your dream horse, DANG!!! She is one fine mare!!

  16. Ooh he is a handsome lad, isn't he?

    To find them you can look on horsedeals.com.au under ASH, and on individual stud websites. A favourite of mine is Silverthorn Stud, and was Icewood, until she up and went to Canada with my favourite stallion :[ Hannaford Stud have an awesome ASH/AQH stud, and a lovely daughter of his for sale for $9,900. I guess she would be my pick of the ASH out there at the moment. Southern Lady: http://www.hannafordstud.com.au/listing-southernlady-19.html

  17. So....is it too late for me to play, too?

    Here are my pics:

    Icelandic mare

    Icelandic mare

    Jenna the Icelandic

    I didn' just select Icelandics. I also selected Fjords and Halflingers, but there wasn't much to choose from there.


    ps, So when will my Dream Horse arrive?

  18. So, Chelsi, I'm late to the party, but here are my picks:




    That one is about 20 miles from me, but currently out of the budget. :(

    My last choice is for sentimental reasons. My sister and I used to work for his breeder, long before he came along. Plus, I needed to toss an Arab into the mix.