Monday, August 24, 2009

The Good Ol' Boys

It is no secret by now that I have a special place in my heart for older horses....(actually for older people too.) I love people or animals with a story.... I love learning about their histories...of what challenges they lived through....the experience, people, places and things that shaped their lives.

I love old horses because they have withstood the test of time...because they have paid dues and beat the odds. I also really get a kick out meeting those who are direct descendants of the old time sires that shaped modern bloodlines.

Like check out this old guy...

He is a 28 year old stallion by Doc O'Lena (1967)

How about this guy, a 26 year old stallion by the Doc Quixote (1970)....

Or this 22 year old daughter of Boon Bar (1972)

Here is a 22 year old stallion by Zippo Pine Bar (1969)....

Even this 26 year old son of Mr. San Peppy (1968)....

I'd be really excited to meet any of these horses, as I was excited to meet the grandson of King.
Why? Because touching a son of Freckles Playboy or Hollywood Jac 86 would be for me like touching a living, breathing piece of history and creating a direct link between myself and the great sires that shaped the Quarter Horses I love and know today.

I might be weird that way...

But I love old things, horses included.

Anyone with me?


  1. I'm totally with you!! Seeing the horses with those bloodlines at their age is so cool!! Thanks for sharing the pictures of these horses!!

  2. Most of the time, bloodlines are secondary to me. But age? Oh yeah. I love the "Seasoned Citizens" we meet. Love 'em. (Love the "old souls" we meet too...)

    Always bothers the dickens out of both Dear Husband and I to see people pass a horse over or dismiss them because they have some age on them. In our eyes they have the most to offer in so many ways!

  3. I like old timers too - I guess I should seeing how Rusty is pushing 20!

    It is neat to see those horses more directly from famous bloodlines - modern horses are so many stages removed...

  4. I am with you on that. I love to meet an old horse that goes back to the foundation mares and sires. I have been lucky to have met and touched some very close relatives. I feel blessed.

  5. I'm with you on this one! My family has had a son and daughter of Zippo Pine Bar and more than a few old "war horses." In fact, my sister still has her old show horse who is now about 28 years old. We were like a little club at the horse shows, those of us that rode the old timers. They just don't make horses like that anymore...

  6. I love and respect the older horses too. I told my DH again, just last night at dinner, that I'd like to take in an old horse just to let it retire in peace. I hope to have my 2 through their old age so I know they are cared for and know they pass on humanely, although, they may outlive me.

  7. I love the old horses, too - out of the 11 horses at our barn, we have three that are over 25 and one of those is over 30. My old guy is 29 and has Three Bars, King, Croton Oil and Peppy, among others in his pedigree. I don't ride him anymore - he asked me to stop because of the arthritis in his back, but he's still looking and feeling pretty good and trots and canters around in the pasture, keeping the younger horses in line!

  8. Hey...since you like "old" things so much, would you like to help me with my research paper??? It is about!!!!

    On a serious note though...yes, I love older people, horses, dogs, cats, etc...They always have such stories to tell-if we would/could only take the time to listen. :)

  9. I was looking at those pictures again and isn't it funny how those horses look like their sires?! That San Peppy horse and the Doc o Lena one really look like them. Great post.

  10. I have a soft spot for the older horses, too. Those photos just go to prove that being old doesn't mean having to look or feel 'washed up' or like an 'old nag'. Those are some seriously gorgeous horses.

    Ya know. It's funny that I had a guy with his kids drive by the leased pasture where I'm keeping Baby Doll and show that he was interested in possibly purchasing my mare. I haven't advertised her for months, but she is visible from the main road some of the time and this guy and his kids just noticed her and wanted to know 'is the pinto for sale?'. I paid $3,500 for her over a year ago (I know. I got ripped off), so I offered her for sale for $2,000. When he found out that she is 16 years old, his face dropped and he said 'too old'.

    Really, is 16 is too old for a horse? Or for kids to ride on in an arena?
    I just don't think of a 16 yr old horse as being 'senior'. More like 'adult', but not 'senior'.

    And after seeing these older handsome horses, all at least 10 years my mare's senior, I just don't get it. Do you?


  11. I have learned so much from those old campaigners! I just adore them and wouldn't hesitate to ever buy and older horse, especially if I was going into a new discipline. (I don't think of 16 as old...) I also love the old lines up close. The stud I was breeding is a grandson of King which you just don't see too often anymore. :)

  12. Amen sista!!! I'm right there with ya, have always had a soft spot for the precious mature ones. There's just something so special about them. So sweet. But...not all old people are nice I've found out.