Thursday, August 20, 2009

More on King

You asked for a little more about King's story (previous post) and so I e-mailed his Mom and asked if she'd mind if I wrote a bit more.... I also included a short paragraph suggesting what would say. I was thrilled when the next morning I received a reply from his Mom.... some of which I'd like to share with you now...

"....I've actually had him for 25 years! I can't believe how much a part of my life he has been -- a move from the states - the heartbreak of being told "don't hope for children" (note: she later had two children), the rides, cattle penning, clinics....the kids that came and he babysat them while waiting for me to be able to ride again, the exchange students, the boarded horses (where he knew he always came first), the nickers, games of "tag".....

Any of us that have had the opportunity to have a horse in our lives this long - May '84 to Aug 09 - have been blessed - "

King is a purebred AQHA without papers (because at the time of his birth he was deemed a "crop out" due to excess white.) However, as he does have come from registered stock I can tell you this horse is actually an immediate grandson of the legendary sire, King (his sire was an own son of King).

Having heard more stories of the adventures that King and his Mom have shared, and having met "the big guy" himself, I can tell you that this horse exudes that special, undefinable quality of a horse who immediately inspires your trust. I was told that King presented a few challenges over the years, giving is Mom the ol' what-for..but no matter, he was still a trustworthy mount, a good hand and the kind of horse that you could count on.

King's Mom was blessed with a very special gelding... but then he was also blessed with a loving, caring and compassionate who recognizes that, while it may break her heart, she must soon release King from the pain of an aging body and recent injuries. I so very much respect people that put the welfare of their animals above their own wants and needs.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about King. He was beautiful!!

  2. King is one beautiful horse! I love his eye and big bald white face.
    Those pics in your other post of Abby are great, too! Love the one of her running with her tail flagged! :)

  3. Great tribute to a wonderful horse. He must have really touched you, to be able to write so well about him!

  4. What a wonderful horse and what a blessing to have him so long...

  5. I was hoping you would write a little more about King. He certainly sounds like the very best kind of horse. Condolences to his owner.

    I'm not looking forward to having to make that decision with my old girl. She's 25 this year. I have already firmly informed my mom that should the time come, there will be absolutely no "waiting", as my mom is prone to do. If I'm not here, then I expect her to do the right thing immediately.

    Knowing when to say when is a very important part of our responsibility to the animals that have given us so much.

  6. **Sniff...sniff***

    What a wonderful tribute, Chelsi. :)

  7. It is a sad thing...I have a 28 year old appy mare and I always wonder what I will do. Thanks for your post.

  8. Thanks for the update on King - he seems like a really special horse. About a year and a half ago, I had to make the same decision for my old mare that was 34. She (finally) started showing her age and I had to let her go, and it was such a hard thing to do. Losing a horse is always hard, but when they've gone through so much with you and your lives are so entwined, it's heart wrenching. All the best to King's mom - hope she has a good support network.

  9. Never were truer words spoken Chelsi. The one truly unselfish act of true love for an animal is to set your personal feelings aside and "do what's right" for the animal. Whether this is horse, dog, cat...whatever, doesn't matter. Just know that it will hurt like hell, you'll be losing a piece of your heart forever, but have no doubt that it is the right thing. For them. Unselfish, unconditional love...they deserve nothing less. Give them that bit of dignity.