Monday, August 10, 2009

I *heart* my Mom and Sister

Is it any wonder why I adore my Mom and sister? Just look at them!! My Mom was once as dark of a brunette as my Sis and I are....

But now she has way more fun being a blond!

And notice how fabulously tanned they are? I'm as pink as a spring piglet next to these bronzed beauties!

When the three of us get together we always just have a ball.... my Mom and sister have the most lovely, boyant, and beautiful spirits...

Love you both!!


  1. Y'all look alike. I don't have any sisters boohoo!

  2. No sisters for me either - you're very lucky!

  3. You are very lucky! Three brothers - not quite the same thing...

  4. Sweeetest ever photo's ! Love the fun!You got er good with your mom and sissy anf the good times you create!
    PS your skin will be looking younger longer for not geting a tan(the skincare specialsit in me!)

  5. I love you too beautiful!!! We are so lucky to have each other!

  6. Life doesn't get any better when you are blessed with such a wonderful family and friends. Love you all.......


  7. Awww, you guys are so cute together. I'm mother and no sister.


  8. You sassy, gorgeous ladies! Your mom is having more fun as a blonde no doubt (I speak from experience, hee hee! :)