Monday, August 31, 2009

Teen Heartthrobs of the 90s....

I just got home from seeing the movie 500 Days of Summer starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt who you might remember from the hit 90's television series 3rd Rock from the Sun...

(In the red shirt)

...where he played young Tommy... *sigh* I had a HUGE crush on Tommy when I was a teen...but then DB argues that I say that all the time... far too often than what would seem becoming of a young lady:) ...and he'd be right. Fred Savage (Wonder Years), Devon Sawa (Now and Then), Scott Wolf (Party of Five), Luke Perry (90201), Jered Leto (My So Called Life) and of course...Oh, how I hate to admit it... Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Home Improvement)!

Oh heavens! *smacking head against table*

And oh so many more! Perhaps I did have one or two teen a time! That's normal! Right? What about you? Where you the faithful one-man-kinda-gal or did you spread the love around?

Either way it seems my taste has changed little with age.... Joseph Gordon-Levitt grown into his britches, I must say.... and did a damn fine job of it too!
Actually DB's nephew and I were talking about some of those classic 90's teen icons just last week! The stars and the movies made (however bad) to draw teenager girls in throngs to the cinema, squealing every time one graced the screen (*ehem* Robert Pattinson)
Movies like Varsity Blues! ....

Anyone remember that fine piece of film making? Oh dear! Dawnson Creek star James Van Der Beek with a laughable Texan accent and Paul Walker playing quarter back (hello!)... though the best character was Scott Cann playing Tweeter.

Okay, so maybe I liked them a little rough around the edge at that age....
But then my good friend Barb's main squeeze was David Cassidy.

There's no accounting for taste!


  1. Barb must be older than you — David Cassidy was from my teen years!

  2. Oh, Tweeter!!! He was the entire reason I watched Varsity Blues....Sigh......There were a lot of hunks in the 90's. I too was obsessed with Luke Perry. Where are those stars now?

  3. Although none of those guys / boy ever really caught my attention, at the time, I really enjoyed Varsity Blues - it was a huge small town hit in the town where I grew up.

  4. I always lauwhen I see Sia Lebouf is serious movies... I can only see him as the goofy kid from Even Stevens!

  5. Hey! I still love Varsity Blues - it's a comfort movie - you know like The Princess Bride, Black Stallion and the Man From Snowy River - love it!

    I didn't really watch much TV as a kid - thus limiting the crush factor (we had something like one or two channels) but I sure did love Corey Hart and Bryan Adams...


  6. I loved Varsity Blues! The butt shot was oh so riske.

  7. Oh it was all about River Pheonix, Johnny Depp, and later, Jared Leto...funny, I still manage my celebrity crushes these days (Chris Cornell and Apolo Ohno - guess I have a thing for the soul patch!) Still a child at heart, I guess. =) What a blast from the past!

  8. Excuse me!!!??? I was 12 years old and my friends' dad took 5 of us 6th graders to see David Cassidy in concert at the Portland Colliseum. OMG!!!!! I wore my purple and orange striped pantsuit with my ruffled white blouse underneath and I was smokin' hot!!! We screamed so loud I don't think I could talk the next day, and we squeezed our eyes together and couldn't bear to look at him at first. We cried and everything!! Talk about swoon!! I was so totally in love with David Cassidy!! You tell your friend Barb that I'll meet her at the park at 7pm and we'll just see whose main squeeze David was!!!

    :) I still have so many... sigh

    ain't it grand to be a girl?

  9. we are working our way through the entire series 3rd rock from the sun right now, and every night you would hear us laughing out loud if you stood on the street by our home.

    that show has so much american culture in it that we use the pause button a lot so i can explain. also, tons of slang!


  10. Oh my goodness! Too funny! I sorta had a crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas, but he seemed a little young for me. I crushed more on his older brother, don't remember his name though. Oh, and Shawn from Boy Meets World. And Joey on Blossum. I'm SURE there were more, but I can't think of them right now. Definately crushed on all of guys mentioned in Varsity Blues. I may have to watch that again this wknd. ;)