Friday, August 7, 2009

I touched a horse and I liked it!

Sorry... One (not me) could take that post title way out of context! Either way....

I was able to play with a horse today! It was just awesome! Chester is a 5 year old Tennessee Walker gelding.... A bay tobiano with long legs and body, big bones, tall (16.1HH), and the sweetest eye you ever saw on a horse. My good friend purchased this gelding a little over a week ago and has fallen hard for him...and I can see why. It was wonderful to work with a horse who is so light and willing, so eager to please.

Thank for letting me play with your new boy, Jules! Congrats on getting a good one!

Unfortunately, I know that there is a 16 year old girl out there today who should, like my friend Julie, be glowing with the pride and joy of falling in love with her new horse but instead has spent nearly all her time at the barn fighting tears. She was sold a mare that no responsible horseman would hand over to a girl that age, or anyone besides a professional. It is really sad and makes me really angry. Everyone makes their own mistakes or decisions but it is really disappointing how often people in the horse community disregard the safety of a child to earn a buck. This is the second time this week that I have heard of a horse being sold to a child or teen who was clearly not able to handle it.

*big sigh*


  1. It's funny you mention this thing about the horse being sold to a kid. Some family came out to the barn wanting to buy this very powerful, very testy thoroughbred for their 12 year old daughter, even though the trainer said no way. They kept calling her and to her credit she flatly refused.

    Their confidence in their daughter and lack of knowledge themselves is a dangerous combination and I hope they don't get in trouble with someone who doesn't set such a high ethical standard.

    Glad you got some horse time!!

  2. Yeah! That must have been so fun to get some horsey time!!
    That is terrible about that 16 yr old girl being sold the wrong kind of horse. I don't get people, why they must put money before someones safety.

  3. Oh thanks...I am now humming Katie Perry's song in my head, and can't stop!!! I like your choice of chorus better than her's though...teeheehee!!! :)

    PS-that is terrible about the girl in your barn. :(

  4. Whooo Hooooo! Did you do the happy dance when no one was looking? I would have...

  5. that is interesting. i know a woman in her 70s whose horse died. she bought another one. her friends tried to find a good fit for her but she bought the horse she wanted. she didnt want an "old" horse. she bought a 6 year old she cant handle. so its the buyers too. they want young and hot. they think that is cool and flashy. these 12, 14 year old horses who have lots of life left are passed over. it makes me nuts.

  6. It happens to us adults, too.

    But for some reason we adults are treated as if we should know better. I don't know how that is different for children new to horse ownership, compared to adults new to horse ownership.

    ANY PERSON who sells a horse that requires a firm, confidant, experienced hand should not sell that horse to ANY novice or beginner. Period.


  7. Oh, and I had a guy stop by the field where I have my mare out to pasture. His little girls have been eyeing my mare and he stopped by to ask if she was for sale. I said, yes, but she's not a babysitter horse and could only be ridden by kids in an arena or round pen. He asked how old she was and when I said 16 yrs old....his eyebrows went up and you could just tell he was thinking 'too old'.

    Baby Doll could live another 10 years easy. By the time that guy's children have grown bored with horses, my mare might finally be retired...or not. She might could live well into her 30's.

    What's wrong with an older horse to cart around children? Why would anyone want a young, hot horse to babysit their child?

    I don't get some people.