Sunday, August 30, 2009

Smart Dressage Boys

Yesterday I unexpectedly found myself at the "Rising Stars Dressage" competition in Chilliwack, BC, where I had the pleasure to watch some truly talented horses and riders of various levels take their dressage tests. This competition was for riders under the age of 21 and seemed to be made up of nothing but rather slim, long legged and self-possessed (and a little hoity toity too I must add) young women.
As a matter of fact I failed to see a single ounce of testosterone ride into the main arena until the last half hour when two rather spindly, slim, and sallow chinned young men made their grand appearance. Both were very accomplished riders and rode particularly "fiery" mounts with confidence and poise.... which left little doubt in my mind that each must be a very dedicated and passionate rider…. however, I did wonder if their involvement was, at least in part, due to a marked discrepancy in the male to female ratio of most dressage events!
I remember once remarking to my younger brother that if he wanted his choice of girls he only need take up riding! Perhaps these particular young men were simply smart enough to deduce that regardless of acne, or a noticeable shortage of chest or chin, taking up a sport like dressage would increase his chance of landing a girlfriend tenfold.

On another note I was very impressed with the quality of riders at this completion. Many of the horses, with their elastic movement and beautiful frames, were absolutely mesmerizing to watch. While the air of the competition was very serous, if not dower, I was forced to begrudging admit that such seriousness probably contributed to the well practiced and methodical ability of the young riders, their control over their mounts and the consistency with which I saw beautifully conditioned, sound and very well broke horses...and ones that seemed well matched to the ability of their rider.
As a matter of fact in the two hours I was there I witnessed only one mild buck, spook and tantrum but not a single horse that made my stomach turn in fear for the child riding it or any that appeared actually dangerously. I really enjoyed watching the dressage competition and would love take a few lessons some day, if for no other reason that get the chance to ride one of those magnificent animals!


  1. Oh, be still my heart! Not for the dudes...for the horses. ;) It's a major goal of mine to get Caspian going in dressage. Not sure I could handle the show "enviornment" but I don't even think I would care about showing. I just think it would be so much fun, even just at home with him. You're funny about the guys...the ratio is DEFINITELY working in their favor! ;)

  2. I have also always wanted to take dressage lessons, I would definitely like to try dressage with Brandy. I think she'd do pretty good. Not for competition though!
    I think dressage can help any level or style of riding. I love it!
    I also don't care for snotty attitudes. I've never been able to understand how people can think just because they ride a certain style, that they are better than anyone else.

  3. I am always left breathless at these huge, obviously powerful horses, that do those tiny, controlled movements.

    Too far down for me LOL!

  4. The few boys that rode in college were always getting the girls!! They are some smart ones!! And girl, those horses are beautiful. I love those HUGE warmbloods. They are so nice. Like large lap dogs. Those horses looked like they were being shown in upper level dressage!! I would have loved to have watched.

  5. Hey- I guess I can be the PC one!... boys can date other BOYS- and you can't swing a dead cat around the horse shows here in CA with out hitting a gay dude! That includes WP and Dressage ...
    The only straight guys go to the reining events!

    On a brighter note- those are truly beautiful and well maintained horses! Plenty of dollars spent there!

  6. Gorgeous horses! I would love to see an event like that - maybe I should look it up and find one around here. I've never been to a show like that and it would be fun to check out something different. And I totally agree with you, Paint Girl! I started doing some dressage moves (VERY basic ones) with my barrel horse about a year ago and I'm loving the results! She's so much better and I haven't even scratched the surface.

  7. Gorgeous horses!! LOVE that first one - breathtaking!! I too, would love to take some dressage lessons. I have no interest in showing or competition, but just the desire to learn, and like you...ride one of those magnificent animals. I've always thought my Ladde would make an exceptional dressage horse. He's huge, has big, bold, fluid movement and loves to work. Me however, I think I lack the dedication or the anal mentality that goes along with this type of riding. I would love to try it though, just for the sheer pleasure.

  8. Only queers and steers like horses. And of course rich, stuck up, un-sociable, lost female horse owners who have no clue but "think" they do. Dressage does not exist nor has it ever. Dressage is a term used to "train" lions in the circus. Lost circus women who look like monkeys on the the back of an un-balanced horse. Most women have to change their panties after slamming their crotches on the back of a horse. Guys would never waste their time riding a "glue-burger" like this. Useless waste of time and money.