Monday, August 17, 2009


This afternoon I met a very special ol' who has seen more sunsets than who, despite the ache of his failing body, still seemed to glow from within- resonating with the beauty of his knowing spirit... with every beat of his willing heart. This bright sorrel gelding, with his wide blaze and big soft eye, may have seen his last summer... But I know that even once he is gone the impression he left in this world, each hoof print he stamped in the soil will remain, alive in the memory of those few who were lucky enough to call him friend.

I met a gelding today who touched my heart and who reminded me just how much we should cherish those horses who have travelled a thousand miles of trails; who's manes have caught a hundred tears of heartache; and who's once graceful and fleet limbs still would, if able, faithfully and nobly carry anyone so willing to come along for the ride.

To King... Nice to have known you, sweet man.


  1. Touching post. What's King's story?

  2. Very nice. Made me thing of my ol horse Max. Thank you.

  3. Ah, I really like this post.

  4. Brings tears to the eyes and memories of horses past.

  5. I have had this in my computer forever. Not sure who wrote it:

    This is my old gelding
    Whose show ring days are done
    My walls are overcrowded
    With the ribbons he has won

    He is old and shaggy now
    Where once he was so fine
    He bears odd looks from passing folk
    With head held high as mine

    This gelding you see standing here
    Means more than you'll ever know
    He's so much more important
    Than ribbons from a show

    For this old fuzzy gelding
    Whose beauty I can see
    Is a good companion
    Together we are free

    He's borne my odd assortment
    Of different kinds of tack
    English, western, sidesaddle
    Even harness on his back

    He'll cart so many children
    You can't see him for their legs
    Bearing his charges carefully
    And walking as on eggs

    Yes, my old geldings homely
    And it's true your horse is fine
    Yours might still be lovely
    But I wouldn't trade for mine

  6. That was beautiful.

  7. I hope you will tell us more about King.

  8. Oh gosh...tears in my eyes. Yes, please do tell us more about King. How did you come to meet him? Has his owner had him for a long time?

  9. Awww, such a sweet story about King. I really want to know more about him now.


  10. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing such a grand fellow with us.