Friday, November 27, 2009

Chelsi's Favorites- Under $1000

The horses listed below are a mere smattering of the thousands of good, registered, broke, sound and sane horses on the market today for under a $1000. This group isnt the best and isnt the worst, they are simply horses that jumped off the page for some reason or another...some are one's that I'd love to see broke or aged horses that are in awesome shape or prospects that pique my interest. Anyways, here is just a few....

(note: I'm not overly fussy about angles when looking at pictures of a horse. I find a photo can make a bad horse look good or a good horse look bad.)

This gelding might not be flashy but he certainly looks like he could become a pretty handy horse. $1000

I'm hoping that this is a bad picture of this 13 year old palomino mare. Her daddy (Sonny 00 Buck) is a well known stud in Washington/Oregon and tends to produce some nice horses.

I'm usually not too keen on paint markings but I like the pattern on this mare. She is reg., broke, and $700.

I really like the color of this 4 year old mare...her lack of white and rich chestnut coat gives her a unique look. She is started and quiet so makes my list at $1000.

This mare might not be registered but she is not bad looking, young (8) and broke, at $600 she's worth a look.

I dont care how old this mare is (22) she is pretty as a picture and dead broke. $1000

This six year old bay mare isnt broke but she's just too cute to sit...someone needs to put her to work. At $500 I think this mare is worth a look.

This mare may be 20 years old but any horse that looks that good at that age gets my vote. At $750 she's priced well for a very well broke gaming horse- even given her age.

This two year old gelding is unstarted but I like him anyways... nice sharp looking horse that has a mix of pleasure and old school cow breeding.

5 year old bay roan AQHA mare. This one get's my vote, in part, because the sellers actually advertised her as bay roan, not blue! $800, broke and she looks like she could do a hard days work.


  1. Some very nice looking horses. I like the 4 yr. old mare and her coloring too. The bay roan is pretty also. But then again the older palomino is great...I'm glad they are so far away, I do not need another horse.

  2. Nice looking crew there girl! I like the look in the eye on that 2 year old bay gelding. He's cute. That 22 yr old mare is a heartbreaker too- I'd bring her home in a flash if we had the room.

    Love these posts... I'm not "brave" enough to virtual shop often hehe... they all look too good sometimes!

  3. The ranch girl in my wants #1. Looks like he could go arena too.

    The barrel racer in me is screaming #4.

  4. LOL-Then I go back and look at #1's ad and they say he is lazy in the arena. Perfect! He just needs a cow to chase to wake him up-hehehe.

  5. It's a good thing you don't do this with horses in Texas. I'd be up to my ears. I don't dare look, especially these days. Prices are so low! For solid horses too!

    That said, I'd like that bay roan mare, even though she's out of my league (riding wise). :)

  6. Chelsi,

    Kitty has decided she's no longer interested in Maddie. It's also no secret that Maddie and I don't click. However, Casey needs a companion. Ideally, a Quarter or Paint gelding for less than $1000. If you happen to stumble across a nice one in the Portland area, please let me know! Thanks!

  7. I love the #4 horse, love that color!
    And the bay roan, yep, love that one too! I always will take a gander at the cheap horses, when I have time to virtual shop. I wish I could buy them all!

  8. Those are some deals on horses! I like many of them, but the tanky old mare (20) is just adorable. I like the unregistered older Palomino, too. Hopefully they will find good homes at these prices, and either start a second career or begin one.

  9. That 22 year old Mare would be mine if I lived up there. I have three kids who would spoil her to death!! Such nice horses for so cheap. I love that bay colt!!

  10. Like Andrea I have three kids that would just love that 22 yr old mare. Why doesn't southwestern Ontario have great kid horses for under 1000.00? I've been looking for over 6 months and can't find anything that has been honestly represented as a kid's beginner horse, unless it's almost crippled!!! Ugh!