Saturday, November 7, 2009


WOW!!!! I just finished watching the Breeders Cup Classic, the richest race in North America, and all I can say is WOW!!!! She did it!!! ZENYATTA just ran the race of her life to beat the boys and make history as being the first filly ever to win the Breeeders Clup Classic!!!!! I will try to post the race when it comes up but let me tell you she came from behind, won handily and was given no easy trip, crossing the finish line with her ears pricked forward and one eye on the crowd.

When the race was finished the announcer asked Mike Smith, her jockey and one of the winningest riders in history as well as a Hall of Fame jockey, did he think he was sitting on horse of the year to which he replied, "She's horse of the decade; she should go down as one of the greatest horses of all time!"

I'd guess that for the first time in the history of horse racing, the debate between who will win Horse of the Year will lay between two fillies- the great Rachel Alexandra and the fabulous filly, Zenyatta...though I have little doubt that Zenyatta, with her record of 14 wins and 0 losses, will beaten on or off the racetrack.

What a year for the girls!

Here is the video...


  1. I had to record the race, but I just finished watching it. Way to go Zenyatta!! Love it when the girls beat the boys!!

  2. Mr. Smith is right- that IS a once in a lifetime, horse of the Century.

    Awesome race!! Had me in goosebumps the entire time!

  3. Thanks for posting the video. I inadvertently missed the race, but my mom was raving about what a fantastic race it was that I knew I needed to see it.

    How incredible is that...two mares up for horse of the year?!! Really an impressive year for the girls!

  4. Yes, I watched it and was so excited to see her win! That is a beautiful picture you have of her!

  5. Didn't I say she'd win!
    I blogged about her too!
    Yeah Zenyatta!!

  6. Thanks for posting this video. I missed being able to watch the race because I was in Nevada visiting with Nuzzling Muzzles and Clinton Anderson.

    I posted about the Breeders Cup World Championships last week and got mostly negative comments about racing, unfortunately. At least your comments were positive. And what an exciting race! She's a gorgeous, athletic mare. It gave me goosebumps to watch this video of the race....

    But who the heck was the crass sounding woman who cursed with a filthy trash-mouth at 7min.24sec?
    What a freak! And why did it end up on TV? ack!
    Kind of spoiled the magic of Zenyatta's win for me a little.


  7. Just look at the muscle on that girl!! Awesome race!! Hooray!

  8. I missed the race, but can't wait to watch it. Thanks for posting the video! Great year for the girls, I love it!

  9. Go Zenyatta!

    Bigger & better yet..

    Go Mike Smith!