Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Progression of a Portrait and Where did the Fall Go?

Is it time to lighten things up a little? To take a deep, slow, relaxing breath and stop to enjoy the....

Christmas Music?

I was in Macy's today with my Mom singing along to "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas" when really I was dreaming of when I'd get my next Starbucks eggnog latte. It snowed here for the first time a few days ago. Was it not just summer? Where did the Fall go? I'm not ready for this year to end.

Anyways, to lighten things up a little I thought it might be neat to see the progression of the portrait I did last month. Every time I start a new piece I tell myself that I'm going to take pictures every fifteen minutes so if I lined the pictures you we could watch a time lapse of the portrait being drawn... only I never do.

Anyways, here it is the few I did snap. Sorry for the funky color...the light is hard to get right in the evening.


  1. Wish I was that talented...lovely work.

  2. Wow! Girl! I had no idea that you were so talented! What the heck- are you selling? Please say yes!
    BTW- If I were you I'd think about ending my work in to book publishers-especially children's books. They never have anyone that can draw a decent horse!
    I'd like for you to keep us updated on your progress! I am duly impressed!

  3. That portrait is incredible! Stunning. I would love to have a portrait of our horses half as beautiful as that!

  4. Really beautiful work!

  5. Hey! I'm new to this blog, got linked over from the mugwump chronicles, and I've gotta say, gorgeous portrait!

    Aboslutely stunning. Did you take lessons or anything? I love to sketch, but I could never accomplish anything even close to that.

  6. COOL work, dear! You are mega talented. I agree with VG! Try to become a book illustrator!! I can totally see you illustration horse series for children and youth!

  7. The detail is amazing, it's almost like I could reach out and touch the horse! You are really so very talented!! The veins in the horse's face are just amazingly accurate!! You are awesome!!

  8. Would you ever considering drawing something for a tattoo artist? My 33 year old mare died last January - we had been together for 29 years. I would love to have a tattoo of her but I can't find someone who can draw her to look like her.

    e-mail me at irideaqha@gmail.com if you would consider this.

    Carrie in Canada

  9. Thanks everyone!


    Could you e-mail me at yourportrait@live.com