Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Moon, Horses, Pippy and Sex Toys

So far today I've gotten half way through four, four posts before giving up and trying on another topic for size. Nothing feels right... I started with a review on New Moon (that I saw yesterday with my Mom and Sister) and how I once met the guy who play's the huge Vulturi guard, Felix (pictured above)...but then decided that I'd look a little pathetic doing another Twilight post...
....and so started writing about the issue of unwanted horses and how yesterday I was reading about how there has been in increase in the number of horses being abandoned (NY Times)....
(Which has nothing to do with the above picture... I just included that because I thought it was cool... they call that an Alaskan Clydesdale.)
Anyways, I found whole issue was just totally depressing and so I thought...

I know! I'll write about Pippi Longstocking!

Remember her? Red pigtails, striped socks and a leopard spotted Appy? But a few sentences into my post I realized that was about all I actually remembered about Ol' Pippi and her horse...who was named "Horse" by the way.

So then I decided that to continue with the thread of my last post, I'd ask all of you if you ever had a friend or acquaintance throw a toy party (and no, not kids toys...*ehem*) and how reflective that may or may not be of women's lib and this generation's disregard of the cultural standard of ladylike behavior.... The problem with that post is that it is about...well... need I explain what made writing that post awkward?

And so that leaves me with a post about all the things that I didnt post about.

So to sum up...

I liked New Moon. Go Team Jacob!

The economy is causing horses to be abandoned.... which totally sucks for them.

Pippi Longstocking had a horse named Horse. She rocked.

And women are having sex toy parties. *blank stare*

You're welcome.


  1. Ahem- I've been to a 'toy' party. I never bought anything however.
    I love the Canadian Clydesdale!
    Go Team Jacob ( even though I really didn't like the Twilight series of books)

    Keep trying- your efforts are superior!

  2. Weeeeelllll, I have been to one of those toy parties...and almost died when my accountant who was there (shes 3 yrs older than I) told me which video she suggested I purchase...I turned 3 shades of red!
    The Canadian Clyde's pretty cool...I'd like to see him work!
    Don't watch the Twilight....
    My hunny has a horse named Horse! She's a paint and I am pretty sure that she isn't as smart as Pipi's Horse the Horse! We love her though!!
    The unwanted horse issue is sooo depressing and sad. Its not an easy fix...
    Thanks for jogging my brain!

  3. I so enjoy your posts. You actually put on screen what so many of us have running through our heads...randomness...in a good way!!

  4. You crack me up!
    Glad you liked New Moon, I'm seeing it for the 3rd time with family over the holiday.
    I remmeber Pippi, I forgot she had an Appy. Go Pippi!
    I have heard of abandoned horses in the woods, I think some were recently found around here, how awful for someone to think that is a solution!
    I loved the "toy" link, thought it was hilarious and over-the-top even for a Twihard, and sent it to my other Twilight lovin' friends, hee hee!

  5. Ah, Pippi. That was my nickname through most of elementary school and high school. I had reddish hair - but no pigtails, go figure. No leopard appy - a cranky welsh/appy cross, but she was black. :-)

    I will see New Moon eventually - just waiting for the crowds to die down a bit...

  6. Ahh, Pippi! I used to love her and her Appy. I never remembered his name though....
    Love the "Clydesdale" - he's really cute! Could you imagine that thing pulling you around?

  7. I've just started reading your blog regularly, but the fact that you can just post randomly about 'nothing' and still make it entertaining to read is one of the reasons I keep coming back. Keep it up.

    And the Alaskan Clyde...where I come from we give moose a wide berth, and the only thing we use them for is dinner, so it's hard to imagine being pulled around by one!

  8. oh man I was a HUGE fan of Pippi Longstocking!!!! Pippi Longstocking is coming into your world.... a freckle faced red haired girl..... yeah that's about all I remember! lol

  9. lol, thanks for the visit! I was thinking the song from the New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking! Great memories!

  10. Thanks for stopping by!
    But more importantly - a huge thanks for the etsy.com idea, I'm sure I'll be able to find some great gifts in there, I've already found about 10 things I want for myself.
    Now back to browsing...

  11. I had forgotten about Pippi's Horse! DD went to one of those parties(I refused to go with her) and she gave me a basket of "goodies". I hid it. So sad for abandoned horses; the lucky ones are found before they starve or become part of the food chain. I wish people could be held accountable for so many of the rotten things they do. Happy Thanksgivin!!

  12. I'm from Sweden, and so is Pippi ;)
    In Sweden her horse has a name, Lilla Gubben (Little man).

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