Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pony Girl Needs to Back Off My Man!! (Robert Pattinson)

Just who does she think she is? Posting pictures of herself with MY MAN!!! Does Pony Girl not know he is all mine? Well... "all" and "mine" being a relative term for me and the other fourteen million girls who want to marry him at this moment. Not that I'd marry him... *ehem*

Pony Girl, I like you. Really, I do. I actually could say ditto to everything you wrote in your (hilarious) post on our love affair with Twilight.... but need to step away from my man, sista!

Anyways, I just thought I'd say....

Hours. We are hours away from New Moon.





*bites lip*

*squeal escapes*

*clamps hand over mouth*


*totally flips out- squealing, bouncing, giggling and wild jazz hands*

*remembers that she is 27 years old*

*hangs head in shame*

Thank you, that's all I have to say about that.


  1. ha ha, I absolutely LOVE Twilight! Not "in love" with Robert Pattinson but totally love Edward from the books! Can't wait to see New Moon!

  2. LOL...cute post. I was just asking someone today what the big deal was with this whole Twilight thing. Never got Harry Potter, either. Guess I'm just weird!

  3. Oh dear...seriously, I just don't see it. At all. I agree with Tracey. Twilight, Harry Potter...BORING!!!!!

    Chelsi, you are funny!!

  4. Hee hee! You crack me up girl! I'd love to see us square off over Rob. Although I'd probably melt into a puddle of blubbering idiot while you'd charm the dazzle right out of him! ;)
    Be sure to email me after you see the movie and let me know what you think!!!!!
    P.S. love the pic in this post, I think it was from the Harper's Bazaar layout, is that issue out yet?? The RPatts spread in Vanity Fair was pretty great, too!!

  5. So, is that you there with RPattz? Wow, has anyone ever told you that you look A LOT like Kristen Stewart?! He, he...that lucky gal, right?? ;)

    Think I'm gonna have a hard time focusing at work tomorrow, counting down the hours 'till I'm sitting in the theater!!

  6. You are just too funny! I love Twilight but I am not as crazy in love with the whole thing. I got into the books, couldn't put them down, but I don't consider myself a Twi-hard! I am excited to see the new movie! But probably not as excited as you and my sis!!

  7. Not really a Twilight sort of gal, but I posted about being starstruck yesterday too! Awesome! Hope you enjoy the movie! OD will be there with Lil Mama, and I bet they will equal your squeals of delight!

  8. lol you are to funny!! And I went to see the first movie on opening night and all the girls in the theater were screaming and squealing!! It's alright!!!

  9. A blogger showdown! Can someone photoshop you two squaring off "Old West Style?" Hope to see the movie this weekend. A girlfriend of mine is in a matinee right now and texted "there was an audible gasp in the audience as Jacob took off his shirt." May the best woman win:-)

  10. Ha! Silly girls...don't you know? HE'S MINE!!!!

    Ok, j/k. I'm more a Jacksper kinda girl anyways. ;)

    Totally ditto on the last "squee-ing" part though. lol

    Have you seen it yet? It's FABULOUS!!!! The end is PRICELESS!!! And yes, both times I've seen it now, there was a huge collective gasp/drool when Jacob took off his shirt. I had to fan myself. ;)

  11. Too funny - today I was in town and I couldn't figure out why there were so many people at the mall - the mall complete with theatre... I must admit I totally don't get it either. And I agree - didn't get Harry Potter either. I like to think it's the rest of the world that's weird - lol.