Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Crazy Woman Disease

Today I had a bad day... a day where everyone just pissed me right off. I pity the fool (she says like Mr. T) who made me wait, questioned my logic, cut me off, or stole my Cheetos (Hawk!) I was impatient, bitchy, cranky, rude and totally unable to control my emotions despite being acutely aware that these thoughts and impulses were baseless and that my anger was a result of an imagined insult, show of disrespect or act of (IMHO) stupidity.

And by some miracle DB was actually wise enough to know to just put up and shut up despite being given the silent treatment for the better half of the day over some infraction he both did not know he had committed and which I could not specifically put to words. At this point I cant quite say I`m sorry as I`m currently still quite annoyed with him, and my dog (I wanted those Cheetos!)... the TV for being so noisy.... and my sheets for being!... At any rate I`ll apologize tomorrow... when the hormones that have rendered me temporarily insane cease and desist and allow me to return to my normal, sweet and reasonable self.

Till then...

PMS blows.


  1. You know, hearing you describe exactly how I feel makes me realize I'm not a crazy person when I feel like that - even though I sure act like one!

    Feel better!

  2. You're preaching to the choir. :-)

  3. LMAO Been there, done that...SOOO glad I'm not the only one!

  4. I hear ya' sister!!! It sucks being a woman sometimes, doesn't it???

    So...I am back from my vacation, and back to blogging...I think! I have definitely missed everyone. :)

    PS-Abby's filly is delicious!!

  5. Couldn't get the dog to poop before I left to go to the barn, even though I let her sniff around for a poop spot for over half an hour so she'll probably poop in the shoes while I'm gone, my stall cleaner decided to take the day off but didn't bother to tell me and since the dog didn't poop I didn't have time to do the stall either, I just got new contacts and the left one is the wrong prescription, the sink is full of dishes even through I just washed them all last night...poor Husband when he gets home tonight! Don't you love feeling emo about unimportant things? lol

  6. Oh my gosh girl!! This is right up my alley!! I know my family sometimes thinks I am a crazy woman! But they should just learn to deal with it and shut it, right?!

    PMS does BLOW!!

  7. All I can say is...hormones suck.

  8. Try menopause! it
    s like PMS with the SURPRISE factor all mixed in!
    No wonder women in the 'olden days' killed themselves...

    My bumper sicker now says-
    I have PMS and a handsun- BACK OFF!