Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Look In on Old Horses

I checked up on an old horse of mine today and found that Gala (Lena) is still owned and loved by the folks I sold her to. Sometimes looking in can be scary because as much as you want to know that a horse you once loved is okay, it's a little nerve wracking to contemplate the consequences of finding out that she is not. Sometimes it is easier to remain blissfully ignorant and to not look back. Of the eight horses I've owned in the past decade, only two have slipped through my fingers- the crazy horse that ruined my knee and a crazy old mare I bought from the auction and returned to the auction a few months later.... good by and good riddance to them both!
Other than those two, I'm pretty up to date on the rest...
Lets see.... Keo (now Ty), my PMU rescue is being used as a rope horse by the daughter of the folks I gave him to. They say he is the quietest horse they've ever known and worth his weight in gold. I am really hoping to see Keo in action this summer.

(Gala's full brother. Isnt he gorgeous?)

Gala (now Lena) is the mare I sold to the East Coast and the one who's owner I spoke with last night. They plan on breeding her in the next few years....I hope they pick a decent stud for her, or maybe I should hope for the opposite. I'm going to have to work hard not to buy her babies.

Despite the language barrier I have exchanged a few e-mails on Ellie, the mare I sold to Slovakia. After speaking with Gala (Lenas) owner I figured I'd drop her an e-mail too....Heaven knows what I'd do if she were in trouble... given she's now half way across the world but they still have her and she had a beautiful colt last year. (Update: I just received a reply saying that Ellie is doing well and in foal for 2011 to a nice Gunner stud. Thank goodness I dont have to be tempted by her babies!)
(left pic is Ellie's 09 foal. He is a gold champagne so will shed out to the color of a palomino)

My two old geldings (I hope) are waiting for me... (or someone they once loved more than me), on the rainbow bridge.

And then there is Miss Abby... more news on her in a different post...

Oh well, how about a hint?

My count of having owned eight horses in the past ten years may not be, at this time, entirely accurate....

It's nice to know that all the horses I once loved are still well taken care of an in good health...or waiting in a better place.


  1. I am now on horse #17 and have no clue where my past horses are. I'd probably be sad to hear about their lives so I'm not sure I should start that search!

  2. We recently were given a pasture mate for my gelding on the understanding that we keep it, and should anything happen he be returned to the family. It has worked out great and I still send them pictures of "Mike". That being said, had I paid for the horse the agreement wouldn't be so. I keep in touch with a few girls I've sold horses to, and am happy with their new homes. They're getting more riding then I could give them. And the others? So long crazy horse....

  3. You are so cruel, lol! I'm thinking you either sold Abby or aquired her filly. I'm hoping for the latter!

  4. I've owned so many I could never keep track. It is nice to know that you do though!
    I used to buy and sell a lot, but lately I buy them and keep them until they die. Or I try really hard to find them a forever home,not so easy in this economy!

  5. Sad to hear of the mare who went back to auction when she didn't work out for you. I know for some people that is a realistic choice, but having saved one slaughter-bound horse and looking forward to more in the future, it never will be for me. If I can't deal with a horse's behavior problems or the cost of getting professional training to make it saleable, I'll have it euthanized myself rather than ever risk an animal I took responsibility for ending up on the long, cramped, hot trailer ride to slaughter.

    I had hoped most other responsible horse owners felt the same, but this post made me uncomfortably aware that there are still people--and people who take good care of the horses they own--who don't shudder at the thought even of a rank, ugly horse being crowded into a double-decker trailer for 16 hours to face the captive bolt gun. Or perhaps people think that only completely worthless horses end up at slaughter? If my kind and athletic gelding was headed that way, a "crazy" horse unwanted by her owner likely didn't escape that fate.

    I'm trying to rationalize this--maybe you meant a sporthorse auction, not the kind that attracts kill buyers. I hope that's it. But if it was the other, more common, sort of auction where you sent a horse whose behavior issues you couldn't handle, for shame. The beautiful filly your mare produced could someday, after the wrong sort of treatment, be someone else's "crazy" horse who they felt deserved nothing better than the kill buyer's trailer.

  6. Notimpressed-

    I agree with you completely. And I am ashamed of my decision to send that mare back to auction. I decided not to get in to that whole thing in this post in an effort to stay focused on the horses who's new owners I had spoken with and because I try, as much as possible, keep my blog light and positive. The very reason why I have stayed in contact with each of those owners is, in part, as a result of the lessons learned from that mistake. I cant go back and change it but I can do differently today (that was 8 years ago when I was 19 or 20)...and I do.

    Yes, I did say "and good riddance to them both" as that was my true in sentiment, as much as I might feel I made a huge mistake in sending her back to auction I wont pretend that I regret selling her.... I HATED that mare and it had nothing to do with being particularly dangerous, she was just the biggest bitch you've ever met. As for putting down a horse that is unfit for sale- two years ago I did just that. It was a VERY difficult decision but I know it was the right one.

    Thank you for your comment, sincerely... It is people like you, who express their opinion without attacking the author, that help others keep and open mind towards a different way.