Sunday, June 13, 2010

Reiner in the Making

Why looky here!! I'd say we have a little reiner in the making! Actually, his stops were even more impressive but that pesky post was in my way of getting a good shot.

I didn't get much of JW's circle work either.... though I do like the way this boy moves!

He even demonstrated a little roll back for me....

But what he really wanted to show me was just how proficient he's become at being a pain in his Mom's royal backside (and what a fine backside it is!)....

"Who me!"

I get tired just looking at this guy.... but like most boys he eventually wore himself out....

And, like most boys, his next stop was....

(followed shortly after by a good and satisfying poop... boys will be boys!)


  1. What a cutie pie, and yes, boys will be boys. Love the pic of him climbing all over mom.

  2. Very cute! Looks like momma's got her hands (hooves?) full!

  3. He is beautiful! Great pictures, I love the second one especially maybe he could be a reiner and a dressage horse lol.

  4. Isn't it amazing at how early in life you can see athletic potential and abilities come out?

    He is a doll!

    Good to see you back. That was quite an amazing vacation you were on.;)

  5. Oh my goodness he is adorable! What a little athlete! Can't wait to see more; these photos are great!

  6. What a cutie patootie! Quite the athlete too! Poor mama though. lol Too funny! GREAT pics!

  7. Absolutely adorable!! Great pictures of the little guy!

  8. I'm with Golden, I see dressage potential too ;) Doesn't matter, he's just gorgeous! And definitely a ruckus butt!

  9. Colts! They're such characters. I love their little attitudes.

  10. Nice little boy. I like that mama too! She looks like she could sit and slide.
    Glad you are back!