Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oh my goodness! I love Maui!

Oh my goodness!

maui cc 011

I am home and while thrilled to see my friends and babies (cats, Hawky and my man included) I soooo wish I didnt have to leave. We had an awesome trip!

I totally love Maui! Love. Love. Love.

You know what else I love? My Mom, Sister and Auntie. I am sooo incredibly lucky to have such an awesome group of ladies in my life. I absolutely cherished the time we got to spend together and the memories made..... I'll never forget it. Thanks Mom, Fel and CC! And that's all I gotta say about that here or else I'll get all teary (again).

So... wanna hear about my trip? Too bad! You're gonna! Okay, okay... I guess you have the choice! I'll start with getting all the horsey business out of the way... It wont take long because all I have to say about horses on the Island is that they look pretty much the same as anywhere else on Mainland....Only maybe not as hairy.

I didnt really know that Hawaii had a rich history of ranching and their own version of cowboys called Paniolo. Here's a brief edited version of information from Wikipedia...

By the early 1800s cattle were brought to the islands as a gift from England for the current Hawaiian King. They were left to roam wild where they multiplied astonishingly and wreaked havoc throughout the countryside. In 1817 a wayward sailor was given permission to capture the wild cattle and tame them through hunger and thirst and thus the Hawaiian cattle industry was born and came under the rein of the Hawaiian king's son Liholiho. When, in 1932, Liholiho's brother returned from a trip to California he brought with him several men trained in the art of the Vaquero who taught the paliono to ride and work the cattle. Thus the Hawaiian paliono resembles the California Vaqueros and the traditions of working cattle are much alike.

End history lesson.

Unfortuntely the only horses I saw were from my car window.

I didnt go riding :( Two reasons: First, I had a horrible sinus/throat/jaw/ear infection that zapped all my energy for the first week. The second, that infection kept me out of the water for the first half of the trip which just about killed me. I love, I mean L.O.V.E. the water! And as I rarely get the chance to spend a lot of time in a (warm) ocean I really hated missing those days and made up for it by spending as much time in the water as I could once I felt better.

Also, I might be a little cheap and the rides were awful expensive!

More on my trip to come.


  1. Thank u Chel, I so enjoyed every minute of the trip and had suck a good time with you! We are totally going back.

  2. How wonderful! There's some different weather for you. Think you could get used to not having snow??

  3. That picture is gorgeous! Uh yeah, it's raining here...still lol. Glad to hear you had such a great trip.

    That's really cool information about the ranch history of Hawaii. Cowboys are not usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Hawaii. Suddenly Hawaii does sound like the perfect place...sunshine, beaches, and cowboys! Woot!