Friday, June 4, 2010

John Wayne is More Than Just a Name....

John Wayne is more than just a name... It's and attitude....

You remember my friends new colt John Wayne (JW)? Well, he's doing his namesake proud! Now this is one sassy, brazen, and confident little foal!

He's also highly suspicious....

He keeps an eye out for any potentially offensive behavior...

Suspicious meaning that someone might try to cop a feel when he isn't looking..

Oooop! Like that!!!

Right there!! You see that?!?!

Some creepy sneaky hand! Feeling it's way along to.... HEAVEN FORBID, THE FACE!!! Oh no! Not the face!!

Oh but it's such a pretty face... er'... I mean handsome...

He might just make being called The Duke one day.


  1. What a gorgeous face. I can already see what he'll look like all clipped and Show Sheened someday.

    And I LOVE John Wayne. My computer is named Maclin for Maclintock!

  2. Those ears are priceless! Does he ever look like a colt, eh? Such a boy face. Gorgeous, even if he's not palomino!

  3. What a doll! And that face is striking.

  4. He is so cute even if I say so myself. JW is so sassy I think he thinks hes a PRINCE..... he already pushes his mom around. I cant beleive how fast hes growing he eats grain and hay already. Thanks Chelsi for putting up these pictures.
    The Princes Grandma

  5. he's so handsome! Love that blaze

  6. Love the big bold blaze on his face!