Monday, June 21, 2010

April 14th, 2011

Tiiii-i-i-ime is on my si-ide, yes it is!"

Trust me, my singing voice would hardly be an improvement on that rendition! What a great and oddly eerie song! But maybe that is because I tend to association it with that uber-creepy movie "Fallen" with Denzel Washington. Mmm... Denzel. But on with the whole point of this post... which is... shockingly, time.

And the lack thereof.

Where has the time gone? It seems there are nothing but milestones and anniversaries flying on by me while I'm still stumbling around trying to catch up and figure out how and when I became a grown-up. A few days ago marked the third anniversary of my grandfather (Poppie's) death.

This summer is my ten-year high school reunion. I turn 28 in two weeks. My best friend's husband just turned sixty (she was far more upset about that he was!) In September it will have been two years since I've had a horse at home and since I put down my gelding. Hawky turns seven this September as well. SEVEN!! But he's just a puppy! Someone else I know is turning a major milestone this year... but dont worry Mom, I wont tell.

And most importantly... just 9 more days till Eclipse opens. I have my priorities in order... really.

But I guess there is one more little mark on the calendar I'll be keeping my eye on.... actually, it is one juicy little tidbit of news that I've been holding out on you all!

Sometime around April 14th, 2011... or there bouts, I will be looking to expect a foal out of Abby. She is confirmed infoal and bred back to Jumping Jack Whiz (JJ), the sire of her 2010 foal. And, yes, with all luck, I will be the proud owner of this one. I just pray she'll have a safe and uneventful pregnancy and that this next foal will be just as lovely as the filly she put on the ground this year... because I dont know about you but I sure l
ike the way this little one is turning out!


  1. definitely a beautiful baby! And when will Miss Abby be joining you back home? Is that a plan for the long run?

  2. Wow - that is exciting news! Her current filly is a looker, so I can't wait to see what next year's baby looks like! Too bad it is so long to wait!!!

    Is Abby staying at the place she's at now (forget the name...) to foal, or is she coming home?

    For awhile there, I thought maybe you had convinced your friend to sell you John Wayne... but a foal from Abby will be fantastic!

  3. WAY exciting! That is one cute little filly and I'm sure the next one will be just as cute!

    I've totally been right where you are with the time flying by. I seriously cannot keep up! My 10 yr reunion was last summer and boy was that a freaking reality check. Oi. This year I'm trying to avoid thinking about my impending 29th birthday, which has been much easier then I thought it would be. Mostly because I'm counting down to Eclipse instead. 9 more days!!! Til Eclipse...diligently ignoring that other thing. ;)