Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hot Hollywood Bods'

Nauseous... I am oh-so-nauseous. Have been for days. Why? Flu? Bug? Pregnancy? NOT! Oh heavens no!

I've noticed, as I've gotten older, that the first question people ask me when I say that I'm nauseous is, "Oh! Maybe you're pregnant!" And then they glance at my tummy....if I'm lucky I'll manage to suck it before they get an eye full... Is there anything worse than being a little (or a lot) bloated just when you have to go to some social occasion....Of course the degree of the bloating is directly proportionate to the intensity of the social pressure at said event (as stipulated in Murphy's Law).

Anyways, I had a day like that today.... I worried that my wee Buddha belly would accidentally be mistaken as a baby bump.... but perhaps that's just tabloid fodder effecting my body image?...

It seems that if a hollywood celebrity so much as takes a deep breath these days the tabloids claim that their (shockingly) convex belly (as oppose to concave!) is a baby bump. I hate to talk about something so trite as how the media effects women's body image but... well... sometimes the media really does take it's toll on women's body image.

Okay... so a question...which female celebrity do you think best reflects hollywood's ideal of perfection?


  1. I used to think it was Charlize Theron, but I think Katherine Heigel is the new one. She's sweet and cute and blonde.
    Of course a real woman would be Kathy Bates. I love her!!!
    Merle Streep ain't too shabby either.

  2. To be honest I pay no attention to that stuff. It just deosn't matter to me, I guess.

    At my age, I've pretty much figured out I am what I am and I'm grateful to be still breathing so that's what counts most.

  3. No doubt in my mind: Angelina.

  4. I'm going to say Jamie Lee Curtis.

  5. I agree with Kellie, Jamie Lee Curtis. I saw her on some show and she took off her clothes (Down to bra and boy shorts?) and showed how she really looks compared to a mag pic of herself. She showed how they make the legs longer, trim the waist and do a chin tuck and get rid of wrinkles. Also I like her books that she writes for kids.