Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bad Banana!!

My mother and I may share a rather peculiar habit....

Or at least I think it is peculiar!

It is the point of this post to find out if it is or not!

I ask you this....

Do you have an item in your refrigerator in unnecessary multiples?

For some inexplicable reason I buy an onion almost every time I go to the grocery store. At any given time I have a half dozen more onions than I could ever expect to need. I like onion and use them often but not so often as to need to buy one every single time I go to the store!

I really cant explain it.

Thank goodness onions don't go bad nearly as readily as my other bad habit...

Bananas. I do eat a banana almost every day but I do not like them when they are fully ripe (the skin must still be thick and the color all yellow with just a tiny hint of green at the top.) So I always have a large assortment of bananas in various states of ripeness... when a banana turns to brown for me or DB to eat, I toss it in the freezer to use in Banana Bread at some later date ... I hate feeling wasteful!

.....But I don't make Banana Bread often so there are usually a few dozen brown bananas clogging up my little freezer.....

My mother shares my banana habit but her big one is....... Feta cheese! I would bet my last dollar that she has two or more containers of Feta in her fridge at this moment!

So.... are we peculiar?

Or do you do something like this too?


  1. I confess. I have a weird one... butter.

    I have this overwhelming urge to buy butter.

    Not the fake stuff either- we use the real butter... and Dear Husband has to stop me every time we shop together.

    "Honey," he'll say, "We have about 4 of these in the freezer. I don't think we need any butter for at least a couple months now."

    It's pathetic!! LOL

  2. Mine isn't necessarily something I constantly buy, but rather keep, like your freezer bananas. Bread crust. May not be all that weird, but I seriously have 6 bread bags with just two pieces of bread in them. The crusts. No one likes crust at my house for toast or sandwiches, so they aren ever eatet. I however, like to eat it with my pot roast. Unfortunately I only make pot roast like once a month, if I'm lucky, and we normally go through at least 2 loaves of bread a week, if not more. My husband also reassures me that he's positive there will be a loaf of bread with two crusts in it next time we have roast, but I absolutely hate to throw them out too. I don't use them for anything else though so they sit.

    I usually buy bananas every store trip too, and usually end up throwing them out. I think it's because I really hope one of these days everyone will suddenly want to eat healthy. lol!!

  3. Green beans!! Megan and I are huge fans of green beans and I hate it when I run anytime I go to the grocery store, I buy a can or two.

  4. Carrots, always a 5 lb. bag, just in case we run out, for the horses. They eat a lot of them and there can never be too many carrots.

  5. Hahaha!!! I have an obsession with green onions, lettuce, and bananas!!! How strange is that?? I only like rather green bananas too, and our freezer has at least a dozen too ripe bananas in it. My hubby does make banana bread with them though! :)

    See?? You are not so weird after!!! (Or maybe we are all weird?)

  6. Pie crusts. Because hope springs eternal that I'm going to make a pie.

    And yet, here we are. Pieless.

    By the way, have you tried to feed bananas to your horse? Supposedly they like them better than apples or carrots.

    I'm interested in trying, but I keep forgetting them at home. Plus they are not exactly easy to stick in your pocket...

  7. I do the butter thing. I have 5 lbs in the frz right now. I can't pass up butter when it's under 2 dollers a lbs! I just have to buy it!

  8. I can honestly say I don't horde anything, unless you count toilet paper. If a package is half full, it's time to get more. Makes me nervous when we get low. lol!


  9. Hmmmm...just passed an award on to you! You don't have to play along as I know that you are busy!! ;)

  10. Pie is the horder here... I have to remind him "we have TONS of that you don't need to buy any more for quite awhile!"

    *ahem* unless you go in the tack room and see my rein collection
    But we're talking household goods here right? lol

  11. Cream cheese, fo sho. And its not like it goes bad that often, but I just eat so much of it all the time that should I crave it and we're out...? Well, all hell would surely break lose!

  12. Tortillas. Our grocery store makes them fresh every day and they are wonderful. I get a bit carried away, especially if they are hot out of the oven,

  13. Sounds odd - but I always have too much cilantro - they sell it by large bushels only here. I only really need a handful for 1 or 2 dishes that I make but I make them frequently so I always have this gigantic wad of cilantro in my fridge.

    And ya all know about the thing I have with jalapenos - always got a couple of them rolling around in the veggie compartment.

    Great post.

    Ya know I love banana pancakes I throw them in the batter - pour out the cakes, cook em, and when you eat them there are these pockets of warm banana goodness inside.

  14. Sour Cream and Tostitos Nacho chips! My most favorite snack in the world! The sour cream is so refreshing and i love salty nacho chips! NACHOS are my weakness and If I ever have the craving for Nachos, there BETTER be chips, sour cream, and cheese on hand. Or I get kinda grouchy.... My hunny can attest to that! I've sent him to the store a few times in the evenings....