Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ellie and Boo Boo!

The three pictures below are ones that I found this evening on the internet of the mare I sold to Slovakia (as in the country in Eastern Europe) back in 07.... Miss Ellie.....

Finding these pictures sent a little pang through my heart...... Because of the seven horses (!!!!) I have owned in the past seven years (!!!!) this is the only one I regret selling. .....

I miss this mare.

What horse do you wish that you could bring back (from the dead or a sale)?

Now, the three pictures below are of Boo Boo.... my kitty (LuLu).

I dont regret anything about this dear little feline.....

Besides the fact that she is terribly fat.....

And not always the sharpest tool in the shed......

"Ah....Boo Boo??? Honey? Booo!!! HEY LOU!!!"

"Snap out of it!!......close your mouth, dear! It's rude to stare! "

There! Now you look purdy again!!!" Dearest, sweetest, darling LuLu.....

We must get you on a diet!

***** I also must thank Melanie over at The Knutson Family and Palyreiner over at Spinnin & Slidin, Lopin & Dreamin Mustang Style for sharing a touch of summer in giving me this lemonde stand....

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  1. Kitty looks like a well taken care of cat. Not fat!

  2. I have two horses I would bring back. My old Appy Jack, who passed away at the ripe old age of 40, and his lead mare, a Thoroughbred mare named Lady.

    I miss them both so much it hurts most days.

    Your mare sure is a looker.... and I love your Kitty! She is tooooo cute!

  3. Ellie is a beauty!! And Boo Boo is adorable. I love chunky cats. Our cat's name is Big Momma!! she is a little healthy herself!! Great cat pictures!

    I wish I coild get back my blue roan gelding, Smokin Dry Doc. He was aweseome. I could do WP on him and then turn around and go team penning on him. I sold that horse to have money to move to Louisiana. I wish I had kept the man's name and number that I sold him to. They live in Wyoming. "Dusty" was my favorite horse.

  4. I'm sure everyone knows by now that I would wish my horse and best friend for 15 years, Erik back. It's hard to miss a horse so much and no one really understands except another horse person.
    Kitty looks well fed and happy.

  5. Havn't really had too many horses, but we had one colic and die on superbowl sunday in 2006. He was a good boy, we regret not doing more with him while he was alive. I do have my first dog that I would love to bring back too. She was the best dog ever, a border collie/chow. She kept running away from my dad's house to come to mine until one day she ran and got hit by a car :( I was so mad at my dad. We think she kept running away because his house was such a cluttered mess that she didn't like it there. I kept trying to get him to give her back to me, but he wouldn't :( I miss her.

  6. Ok well if I could bring one back from the other side of the rainbow bridge it would be my Gracie girl. Pretties mare I've even seen to date - me and her were like instant friends even though I didn't meet her until she was 10 or 11. She had halter, WP, and HUS points on her. She reined and was a pro-brood mare. Simply a pro. Was like "leave me alone I know what I am doing" when she foaled Patrick. Easy as pie - quick and up on her feet feeding him dinner in no time.

    If I could bring one back from the sale it would have to be my Dyamic Deluxe gelding "Four" tons of personality - was the only horse I have ever had that I could win a WP class on then turn around and win a HUS on in the same day. Seem like just when he got to really trusting me I sold him - and I feel to this day like a total shithead for doing it.

  7. I love bring back my dear Gypsy. The second horse we had when I was a kid. (The first one was a rather hot TB off the track that wasn't safe for the kids, so we go Gypsy) A lovely 15.3hh Buckskin QH mare. She used to be the lead parade horse for the Cloverdale Rodeo Parade, back when the parade was led by a single horse, and not policemen on motorcycles.... I loved that horse. And she was amazing with us kids.

    What a lovely kitty! I wish I could let my two outside to bask in the sunshine, but unforutnately their kitty sense isn't all there and they'd either get got by a coyote, or hit by a car.....

  8. I am very blessed and the best horse I have ever owned is sitting in my back yard right now. But this blog is a great reminder to not take him for granted!

    Your little mare is absolutely gorgeous--a really nice put together horse. It's not often you find a horse that has great confirmation AND is a joy to ride!

  9. One of the best was my buckskin mare China Cat- AKA Somebody's Streak. I kept her till the day she died, and wouldn't have sold her for anything less than money for my children (thank god it never came to that.) She was line bred Cutter Bill, and a sweeter more honest mare there never has been.
    The other was Radar O'Reilly. I bought him when I was 15. My Mom drove me to the ranch to see another horse that they had just sold. He said he had this little sorrel for sale too. He pulled him out and I climbed on. That horse threw me twice in five minutes- and I was a good rider- so I told my Mom to give the man the money I had saved -$300. No papers but he was suppose to be by a QH named Little Brown Jug. I believe it 'cuz they looked alike. That little gelding was honest and sturdy. He took me everywhere I needed or wanted to go and he saved my ass more than a few time. He's the horse on my blog- the one with me and my BFF riding double. I kept him until the day he died too, but his death was less than peaceful and the fault of my Ex. LOng story- sad ending.
    I know they'll both be awaitn' on me when I cross over.
    I sure do like a grey horse though- I don't know if I could have born to part with Elly!

  10. From sale, I'd bring back my Taz. I've always regretted giving him up. I did try to buy him back this summer though when she had him for sale. She stood me up several times. I guess she really didn't want to sell him anyways.

    From, what I now would assume dead, would be my first horse, Meade. He'd be 33 yrs old if he's still alive. A wonderful, loving Saddlebred. We were best of friends. Unfortunately, he was a lease.

  11. Wow, she is gorgeous!
    I regret selling two horses. One was an older Arab/Appy gelding. He was just such a good horse! But I wanted a QH, so I sold him. I'd kind of outgrown him, too. My AQHA mare, Sparky, was the next one. She is the only horse from my childhood that could potentially still be a live, she'd be around 20years old today. She was also a sweet mare, lots of potential. But college was calling...
    Love the pic of your kitty! ;)

  12. Hmmmm...I was going to post on this subject soon, so you will have to wait and see who I regret not keeping.

    As far as bringing a horse back from the dead, it would hands-down be my old gelding, Shadest. :)

  13. I like reading your blog, I stumbled over here from a comment you left on MiKael's, and now I'm glad I did!

    I had a beautiful brown/black mare, named Bessie. We had her for a couple of years when I was younger, perhaps 8 or 9 I guess. But a long story short she got out onto the road and got hit by a car. Such a lovily mare, with a terrible past but forgiving and was just starting to trust me. =(